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Square Enix sends out Kingdom Hearts-related survey

Posted on March 7, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Square Enix has started sending out a new survey for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It’s notable because fans can provide feedback about what they’d like to see and what they want to see for the series’ future. Square Enix teases at the beginning of the survey, “The more you share with us, the more great stuff you’ll see from us!”

Topics found in the survey include players’ past experiences with Kingdom Hearts, their attitudes, what they enjoyed, what they didn’t enjoy, how they feel about the Disney aspect of the game, and more. You can take the survey here.


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  • oh-so-windy

    Part of the survey is to name your favorite band and TV show. They really wanna get into your psyche!

  • Nocturne

    make sure to push them to putting kh3 on the wii u

    answer questions like did you get 1.5 and are you getting 2.5 with no and put because their not on the wii wii u or 3ds

    at the end put
    put kingdom hearts 3 on the wii u

    dont forget when putting your systems in order from favorite to least put wii u at top and xbone and failstation 4 at the bottom

    • TalesOfBS

      I did it fair and honestly but no hope on it. It is clearly focused on Xbox One/PS4 owners.
      Only one option featured some Nintendo/PC games and yet they doesn’t recognize Zelda U or Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem existence. And to think that Square deal with mostly RPGs and fantasy games.

      • Nocturne

        they dident list any game that was still heavly unknown including their own kingdom hearts 3 and ff15 im surprised X made it maybe because of the trailers and gameplay but so far we have no trailers of zelda u or fexsme

  • TalesOfBS

    Just put the dammed game on the Wii U at same time as the others. Or square can go fck themselves.
    I’m not getting this anywhere else.

  • fabian

    Ok, everyone just do this. Tell them we want it on wii u!!!

    • Cravia887

      I did lol