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Super Bomberman R reveals new Grand Prix Mode, new characters

Posted on September 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Konami seemed to be teasing something for Super Bomberman R earlier this week. Now we know what’s planned for the game, and there’s quite a lot coming.

A new Grand Prix mode has been announced with the game’s appearance on Tokyo Game Show. Fans can look forward to 3 vs. 3 team battles. There is also a new rule called “Crystal” and new characters with unique skill sets. Characters are from Rumble Roses (Reiko Hinomoto) and Zone of the Enders (Anubis, Jehuty).

Also worth mentioning, the Super Bomberman R Original Soundtrack has been announced. This goes on sale in Japan in December.

Here’s a look at what’s to come for Super Bomberman R:


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  • Locky Mavo

    Bomberman cameo-ing characters from games I’d like to see on the Switch. Can we get Castlevania, Silent Hills and Zone of Enders Konami?

    • Exy

      We can’t get those games even outside of Switch.

      • Zeebor

        No, they just announced some sort of VR remake of ZoE2.

  • GoldenTriforce

    ooh, OST

    • Zeebor

      Oh, the West will never get it. The West never gets any stand alone OSTs outside of Squenix.

      • Which is so weird and frustrating.

      • GoldenTriforce

        Eh, I bet it would be affordable enough to import on ebay

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  • Last Bomber really reminds me of Regulus

  • Stephen Yap

    Not going to lie: I put this game down for quite a while, mainly to wait for the next big update and so far for this one, it seems pretty good. New modes, new characters…who would not want this? Hopefully these new updates will null the complaints of the game being “overpriced”. I mean, yes, I’ll accept that at launch, but now…I just don’t see how the game would still be considered overpriced.

  • anthony

    Still annoyed they haven’t acknowledged Ganbare Goemon exists or Twinbee for that matter, but this is still pretty cool.

    • Addy

      One of the bosses in story mode resembles Twinbee by the name of Judge Gwinbee.

      • Zeebor

        I think that’s an actual Twinbee character.

  • JasonBall

    Dur Hur Hur stupid comment about “do people still play this”

  • SAY WHA- ~!?! This is so cool and exciting! ^o^
    I need to start playing more. ♥

    Keep up the support, Konami! I look forward to the OST too.

    Also still kinda hoping that arcade game gets ported to Switch, but with an option to turn off the clothing destruction.

  • James Fox

    Why Rumble Roses of all games?
    What’s Reiko’s bomber form gonna look like? A female bomber with Bombs for boobs?

    • Addy

      Because fanservice.

  • Addy

    No Hudson characters, more characters from dead franchises.

    • Zeebor

      To be fair, Bomberman and PES are the only Konami (of 410) franchises that aren’t dead, or owned by someone else (Yu-Gi-Oh)

      ZoE itself just recently got the “zombied” back with a VR port of 2.

      • Addy

        I would not be surprised if Konami unveiled Bomber Atem or Bomber Whatevertheprotagonistisnamedinthelatestseries.

  • Padre

    Still not worth the pricetag. Sadly…

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Oh are we saying stupid so early into the day? I can do it too! This game is too expensive! Free Updates and continued support from a developer that’s not known for this infuriates me!

  • Kalmaro

    Okay FINE, I’ll keep playing your dumb game.
    Curse you free dlc, forcing me to get more value from my games…

  • Princess_Eevee9

    KONAMI! STOP MAKING CAPCOM LOOK BAD! This… This right here makes it so nice to be a Bomberman fan, and makes up for that trash Female only game they let exist. CAN WE GET DANCE DANCE BOMBER AND SOLID SNAAAAAKE? PLEASE GIVE TREVOR BELMONT TOO… YA KNOW IF YOU WANT?

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    Konami +free DLC = hell has frozen

  • Scott

    I think it’s so cool that they keep doing this. They could have easily abandoned the game or added a bunch of paid DLC, but instead they keep adding free content.

  • Alex Queiroz

    when i play bomberman, is a good game, but online is such a lag , im from brazil, BUT Arms and splatoon dont have n lag, but bomb , man, is impossiblem play online

    • Aline Piroutek

      My condolences

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      I am from USA and It is the same too much lag to play online. Splatoon and ARMS run perfect

      • Alex Queiroz

        Really? I thought it was a server problem since Nintendo is not yet “officially” in Brazil, so it’s just a pork service? the online part that was the best Bomberman for you to make money, it’s incredibly horrible

        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          no it is not it sadly. I only play it couch multiplayer because the multiplayer is how Bomberman is fun

        • Aline Piroutek

          Smash 4 on WiiU also lags a lot here. I thought it was because my account is Canadian.

        • Aline Piroutek

          And in the future we will be paying for this quality of online play.

          • Alex Queiroz

            Amigo, o online não é dela, e da konami, aprende primeiro, e segundo ARMS e Splatoon 2 quase não tem lag, agr se vc acha ruim pagar, e SE tiver um switch, não pague

          • Aline Piroutek

            Are you saying the quality of online play of Smash Switch is going to be the very best? I dont care about bomberman Switch, never player its online.

          • Aline Piroutek

            E sim(in portugueses), o online do Splatoon 2 assim como o 1 é bem disfarçado pra parecer que não tem lag. Eles fazem um esquema de conexão online que há lentidão na resposta so que isso não é demostrado na tela do jogo. Tanto q muitas vezes conseguimos matar o inimigo mesmo estando morto/conseguimos morrer mesmo com o inimigo morrendo antes. É um truque mas eu curto jogar nesse lar disfarçado, queria que Smash Wii U fosse assim tbm. No Wii Sports Club tem um lar desgraçado tbm.

          • Alex Queiroz

            Voce chegou a jogar ARMS? ou vai falar que tem um macete pra jogar online tb

          • Aline Piroutek

            Aqui a explicação :
            No ARMS não tem lag. Todo o cálculo dos ataques é enviado pra outra maquina durante o extendimento dos braços, dando tempo suficiente pra eliminar o lag.