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Super Bomberman R update live (version 1.2)

Posted on March 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Bomberman R’s first big update is live. The game has been bumped up to version 1.2.

As detailed earlier today, the patch makes improvements to the gameplay, control input, and character controls. This applies to both online and offline battles.

Konami has promised to further update Super Bomberman R in the future to improve the game’s “play experience.”

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  • hidaviki

    All I can experience in this update so far is that they removed “analog movement” and just made it digital (you always run now) even when you use the analog stick. This is better. But does it remove the input lag? I am not sure

    • I can tell the difference when I’m running and trying to drop bombs at intersections. Before I couldn’t time it right, not it’s a lot easier. Also cornering is snappier and I don’t get hung up on environmental objects.

      • hidaviki

        Hey joe_1up! I see, this sounds good. I’ll test it more 🙂

    • r4ind4nce

      I don’t recall older games even having analogue movement… I’ll try it later tonight. From what joe_1up said it sounds satisfactory.

  • Addy

    Here’s an update idea, how about reducing the price? I’m not paying $64.99 CDN ($59.99 US) for a game that should be no more then $30.

    • @AT-AT

      Why should it be $30?
      There are almost no other Nintendo games on any platform that launch at that price.
      Maybe they need to sell it at that price to make a profit? Because making games is expensive and it’s launched on an unproven platform? A $30price point is uninformed and arbitrary.

      • Addy

        Games get marked down eventually, then end up in the bargain bin. I’ve seen that happen often. But that doesn’t happen with Nintendo games that often, not since the Wii era.

      • r4ind4nce


      • Addy

        How…? What?

        • Best Buy’s earliest preorder price was $40 – before the MSRP was announced. I’m also a GCU member so I get that fatty discount on all games. Came down to $30 for me. I couldn’t be happier

  • nemo37

    Would people that have bought this game mind saying if this update brings back the grid system? By grid system I mean your movements are restricted to 4 directions (one of the problems, imo, with Bomberman R is that it does not have a grid system for movement, hence Bomberman moves 360 degress, despite the fact that the stages are still built with grids in mind). Also, is the input lag in single player gone now?

    • Bomberman R wasn’t 360 even before the update really, it was 8 directions. Boss battles are in open spaces, so being able to move in 8 directions makes sense there. For this game I highly recommend using the pro controller d-pad or JoyCon direction buttons instead of an anolog stick.

      As far as lag, it does feel snappier. Before I was afraid to get too many speed boosts because I’d miss my turns through the grids. And my bombs wouldn’t place exactly where I though they would if I was running and dropping. But now it’s good.

  • SingingBrakeman

    Has anybody played online since the patch? Konami promised multiple updates, which suggests that not all issues would be resolved in this patch alone, but I am really looking forward to the online lag being sorted out.

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