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The release of Magikarp Jump, the latest Pokemon mobile spin-off, has been weird, to say the least. After its initial reveal, there had been near-total radio silence on the game – until the game was suddenly released last week, but only on Italian mobile storefronts, for some reason. It seems like the game’s international roll-out is now slowly picking up steam. The game will be released on Japanese Google Play and iOS stores tomorrow, May 23rd. Releases in other countries haven’t been confirmed yet, though it likely won’t be too much longer until the game is out in most major countries.


FuRyu updated the website for The Alliance Alive once again with new details about the RPG’s characters. Some of the information was previously divulged through Famitsu, but we have some extra characters and tidbits. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Princess Yukiha

– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 17
– Young girl who serves as head of Shiramine Castle
– Now the head of the family following the death of her father
– Kind-hearted girl who is considerate of her vassals and citizens
– Determined to fight to protect them, but she has yet to come up to speed with being a young lord
– Strong sense of justice
– As a hard worker has earned great trust from the people


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 70

– Senior minister who has served the castle since the era of the previous head
– Supports Princess Yukiha by her side
– Was in charge of educating Princess Yukiha when she was small, and is considered part of the family


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 56
– Experienced samurai
– Sword master known as the “Holy Sword” in the era of the previous head of Shiramine Castle
– After his daughter died in battle, he fell to despair and retired from active duty
– Now has left behind his sword and spends his time at the bar everyday


– Race: Penguin
– Gender: Male
– Age: Unknown

– Male penguin with a wife and three children
– Has an unheard-of personality, always considering himself to be the person that attracts the most attention
– Likes sashimi the most out of all foods

Star Hierarch

– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 52

– Religious leader who rules over the crystal world city of Eschtorm
– Descendant of a family of prophets who speak to the stars and predict the future
– Known as the “Star Hierarch”
– Inherited the responsibilities of his ancestors


– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 28
– Woman who belongs to the “Dragon Guard” that serves the Star Hierarch of the crystal world
– Powerful person who serves as a commanding officer
– Can control her flying dragon “Faflazard,” who she often uses

This week’s expanded Japanese software sales are as follows:

01./01. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo) {2017.04.28} (¥5.980) – 36.440 / 411.915 (-60%)
02./03. [3DS] Monster Hunter Double Cross (Capcom) {2017.03.18} (¥5.800) – 15.002 / 1.466.546 (-51%)
03./04. [NSW] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild # (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥6.980) – 11.916 / 454.783 (-46%)
04./02. [3DS] Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.04.27} (¥5.700) – 10.574 / 138.938 (-66%)
05./00. [3DS] Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death # (Koei Tecmo) {2017.05.11} (¥5.800) – 8.599 / NEW
06./05. [3DS] Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia # (Nintendo) {2017.04.20} (¥4.980) – 5.713 / 174.868 (-61%)
07./10. [PS4] NieR: Automata (Square Enix) {2017.02.23} (¥7.800) – 5.056 / 325.553 (-30%)
08./13. [PS4] Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition (From Software) {2017.04.20} (¥5.900) – 4.016 / 52.678 (-39%)
09./07. [3DS] Pro Baseball Famista Climax (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.04.20} (¥5.700) – 3.959 / 73.683 (-63%)
10./06. [3DS] Mario Sports Superstars
(Nintendo) {2017.03.30} (¥4.980) – 3.486 / 89.964 (-68%)
11./08. [NSW] 1-2-Switch (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥4.980) – 3.410 / 208.856 (-64%)
12./11. [WIU] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥6.980) – 3.395 / 119.708 (-52%)
13./14. [PS4] Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Ubisoft) {2017.03.09} (¥8.400) – 3.080 / 177.945 (-43%)
14./12. [3DS] Pokemon Sun / Moon (Pokemon Co.) {2016.11.18} (¥4.980) – 3.062 / 3.259.837 (-56%)
15./17. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo (Nintendo) {2016.11.23} (¥2.700) – 2.939 / 175.948 (-43%)
16./09. [3DS] Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo) {2016.12.01} (¥4.700) – 2.929 / 1.038.463 (-64%)
17./21. [PS4] Grand Theft Auto V [New Price Edition]
(Take-Two Interactive Japan) {2015.10.08} (¥4.990) – 2.880 / 334.080
18./23. [PS4] Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
(Ubisoft) {2015.12.10} (¥8.400) – 2.527 / 192.045
19./16. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo) {2011.12.01} (¥4.571) – 2.429 / 2.771.420 (-54%)
20./15. [3DS] Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki (Level 5) {2016.12.15} (¥4.800) – 2.146 / 718.551 (-60%)

Well, I was only joking about it before, but it seems like Japan’s fervor for Splatoon really does know no bounds. You actually can buy just the box of the Splatoon 2 Switch bundle by itself on the Japanese My Nintendo store – literally just the box with no contents, not the game nor the Switch console. Accordingly, it only costs 540 Yen.


Nintendo is doing something slightly unusual for Splatoon 2’s physical release in Japan. In addition to the regular physical version, the Switch console bundle and a download code for the game you can buy in stores, you can get a “game card free” version of Splatoon 2. This is the regular game case, but instead of a cartridge, it comes with a download code for the game. This is intended for people who prefer to own a digital copy of the game, but still want a game case for their collection.

At the moment, it seems like you can only get this version at the Japanese My Nintendo store, though it’s possible some retailers might carry it as well.

Given how popular Splatoon is in Japan, Nintendo could probably get away with just selling the game case without the actual game at all and it would still be a sales hit!

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Nicalis’ Cave Story+ on Switch has got an interesting release history – it’s being published in all three major territories by three different publishers and each of them seemingly has different plans for a release date and the game’s physical version.

In North America, Nicalis are publishing the game themselves, and it will see both a physical and a digital release in June. In Europe, Nicalis is partnering up with Headup Games to release the game, though at this point we don’t know if the game is getting a physical there, nor do we have a concrete release date.

Today, we learned that Pikii is publishing Cave Story+ in Japan. It will get both a physical and a digital release there; as for the release date, we only have a rough time frame of “2017” at the moment.

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The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

Switch – 24,712
New 3DS LL – 13,643
PS4 – 12,334
PS4 Pro – 4,961
Vita – 4,114
2DS – 2,862
New 3DS – 1,021
PS3 – 325
Wii U – 157
Xbox One – 149

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

Switch – 47,911
PS4 – 20,963
New 3DS LL – 20,457
Vita – 7,158
PS4 Pro – 6,991
2DS – 5,355
New 3DS – 1,169
Xbox One – 677
PS3 – 407
Wii U – 397

And here are the software charts:

Japanese 3DS themes (5/17/17)

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A few new 3DS themes are out now in Japan. Here’s the lineup:

Brave Dungeon (x2) – 100 yen each
The Owl – 200 yen
Shake Me x Stan Gun: Gekko Myujikku – 200 yen
FuwariP feat.Gumi: Kyou mo Harebare 200 yen
TOKOTOKO: Kimiiro ni Somaru – 200 yen
Wonderful Opportunity!: Shin de Shimau to wa Nasakenai! 200 yen
n-buna×Orangestar: Star Night Snow – 200 yen

And below are videos for several of the themes:

Square Enix is constantly releasing new Dragon Quest XI information, and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon. On May 27, a “Countdown Carnival Special Stage” live stream will air (Youtube link here). Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii will be there alongside Dragon Quest 11 producer Yosuke Saito to reveal more information about the game. Perhaps this will finally be the time we hear something concrete about the Switch version?


A new image has surfaced showing the back of Dragon Quest XI’s boxart. On it, we’re able to see that stereoscopic 3D is not supported. Perhaps that’s not entirely surprising, as other Dragon Quest 3DS titles such as Dragon Quest VIII don’t make use of the feature Nintendo and Square Enix are also teaming up for a New 2DS XL bundle. As we know, that system lacks 3D support.

Dragon Quest XI’s boxart has some other tidbits as well. Three save slots are included, one of which is used for suspend data. You can also exchange data through StreetPass and download special items, etc. via the internet.


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