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The Alliance Alive receives more details about its world and turn-based battles

Posted on November 27, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a six-page article on The Alliance Alive, FuRyu’s new RPG and successor of sorts to The Legend of Legacy. A couple of the pages were rehash, but new information was included as well.

To recap, the game follows a story in which the Demon Clan invaded the human world thousands of years ago. After the lands were split apart, they are now ruled by a caste system that puts the Demon Clan at the top.

We previously heard about some of the worlds in which The Legend of Legacy is set. According to Famitsu, the game begins from the Rain World. The main characters that appear here are Galil, Ursula, Barbarosa, and Renzo. The Night Crow resistance group is led by Ursula’s father Wyatt who has a hideout in the Rain Capital Svarna. One day, Wyatt calls Galil and Ursula for a certain mission…

The first dungeon Galil and Ursula explore is a closed museum, which has gimmicks related to the works being exhibited there. The protagonists will encounter one of the ruler-class from the Demon Clan named Glossa Radan. Glossa has a strict way of speaking, emotions that are hard to read, and a giant spear with unknown battle power.

Next, details about the game flow from Famitsu:

– Step 1: Prepare for battle – set up formations and determine party character positions
– Step 2: Symbol encounter – an exclamation mark appears on enemy symbol when it notices the player; be advised that different monsters may appear from the same symbol
– Step 3: turn-based command battle – can determine party member actions without much hassle due to the system being turn-based

Some tips on setting up party formations:

– Point 1: put characters who excel in guarding on the front line
– Point 2: attackers should be placed on the back line and focus on attacking
– Point 3: as more characters join the party, more efficient formations will be unlocked

When battle techniques are used repeatedly, there is some chance that “Awakening” will trigger, which can either increase the attack level of the technique (more damage/effects, etc.) or even unlocking new techniques. For example, repeatedly using “Punch” may eventually unlock more techniques like “One-Two Punch” or “Roundhouse Kick”.

Finally, Famitsu shows a duck-like robot, which is a “Motive Force Suit” named Swan Song developed by Tiggy. Tiggy lives with Viviana and Ignace of the Demon Clan in the Fire World. More details will be covered in Famitsu’s next information batch.

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