The Flame in the Flood for Switch surpasses Curve Digital's expectations in first day, tops all other formats - Nintendo Everything

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The Flame in the Flood for Switch surpasses Curve Digital’s expectations in first day, tops all other formats

Posted on October 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The Flame in the Flood couldn’t be off to a better start on Switch. Curve Digital publishing director Simon Byron mentioned on Twitter today that the game “smashed it” on the console, in which he wrote:

MCV followed up with Byron for more on The Flame in the Flood’s Switch debut. He said that the game “had its best ever day on any console since we’ve been publishing it, beating any other format we have launched on.” Byron was anticipating a certain figure in his mind, but the actual result “was a third over that.”

Byron shared the following:

“It’s a real relief having our personal enthusiasm for the Switch being backed up with sales success. It’s been incredibly frustrating only having anecdotal evidence about the buzz for Switch titles, so we’ve been genuinely desperate to get a game out there so we could get some hard data ourselves.”

“There was a real buzz in the office this morning – [managing director] Jason [Perkins] was in before me, which is very rare indeed – and it was specifically due to the excitement of seeing figures. I had a number in my head which I would be very pleased with – and it was a third over that.”

“Indeed, it’s fair to say it’s had its best ever day on any console since we’ve been publishing it, beating any other format we have launched on. It’s done just under half of our first full month forecast in a day.”

“There are always nerves around launching a new title – and particularly on a new format – but The Flame In The Flood is a perfect fit on Switch and we’re delighted it’s been received so well. Next up for us on Switch will be Serial Cleaner, with Human: Fall Flat following in December.”


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  • StrawhatEevee

    Take notes, other publishers. Put your stuff on Switch and good things will happen.

    • Exy

      The message other publishers are going to get from all these indie success stories is that the Switch is a console for indies, so they don’t need to bother with it.

    • ShonenJump

      Indie succes doesn’t lead to aa games succes though. The prices for indies titles are also lower than aa games, So that’s also a huge factor for why it usually will have more downloads.

      • Jonathan Cromwell

        I can think of 3 3rd party titles that were impressed by sales so far. Street Fighter, Bomberman and Disgaea 5.

  • Dayph

    I’d love a physical release…

    • It did have a PS4 physical release under Limited Run Games so there may be a chance in the future for a Switch physical version.

  • Blanco8x8

    I would play a demo.

    • Fernando Silva

      Do not need to. The game is a masterpiece and much more complex as I thought. You will not regret.

  • cloud36426

    Anyone played this? It looks very interesting. Something I think I would like. I have played many games this style. This one really piqued my interest.

    • Fernando Silva

      The game is a masterpiece and much more complex as I thought and I do not even like roguelike games. You will not regret.

    • Locky Mavo

      It’s a great game, very similar to Don’t Starve in gameplay I’d say.

  • isiickclarcke

    The trailer on the Eshop made me download it right away. Haven’t played it yet but i’m itching to!

  • Melatelo

    I just bought bough it today and have not been disappointed- it’s brutally difficult though. Anyway it’s great to continually see reports of publishers/developers revealing how well their game’s are doing on the Switch. We see time and time again how successful the system is quickly becoming. There’s really no excuse at this point to not develop or port to the system.

  • theFooFighter

    Honestly I feel like the eShop layout itself plays a big part in this. Can’t speak for Xbox or steam but on psn there is no real easy way to see every new release so a lot of smaller stuff gets buried. I would have never seen this game on psn but there it is one of the first games I see when I boot up the eShop.

    • ShonenJump

      The big games always takes a huge chunk of the game release tab. FIFA 18 and destiny 2 for example. And this weird automatic video playback thing lol

      • DiscoGentleman

        I hate that playback thing, too.
        Imo, neither PS4 nor switch have great layouts. Switch needs an update now that the shop has gotten bigger.

        • ShonenJump

          Demo tabs / sales tabs would be great for switch!

    • Fernando Silva

      That is because it launched yesterday, so make sense that it is on top…

  • Locky Mavo

    It’s such a good game, it’s all I’ve been playing lately. The brutal, yet addictive gameplay, the great soundtrack, I am very happy with this purchase.

  • R.Z.

    I don’t even remember hearing of this, yet it’s a best seller …
    Either I’m particularly oblivious or the e-shop really is a boon for even less marketed games. Maybe both.