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The Legend of Legacy screenshots and details

Posted on November 26, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Thanks to a new online preview from Famitsu, we have another round of screenshots and details for The Legend of Legacy. Today’s content, which is focused on battles, can be found below.

– 7 playable characters and 7 weapon types
– Sword, great sword, axe, spear, staff, bow and arrow, shield
– Because each character lacks specific weapon characteristics, you can equip any weapon to any of the seven characters
– Equip weapons in the menu screen
– Each weapon makes use of a “Battle Technique” for its basic attack
– Techniques range from simultaneously striking several opponents, to striking a single opponent several times, to preventing an enemy attack and responding with a counterattack, etc
– Developer FuRyu says there will be a great variety of these techniques
– Battles have a concept of “Position”
– This represents the role of each character
– Through the game’s “Roll Shuffle” system, players are recommended to create several formations beforehand so they can easily switch up their roles when the battle situation calls for it


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