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The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts Limited Edition revealed, only 10,000 copies

Posted on January 10, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Update (1/10): Sold out on Amazon Canada, but now up on Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and Amazon France.

Original (1/9): Many of you are likely aware that The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts is slated for release next month. The book features art across the entire series, including Breath of the Wild. Fans can look forward to rare promotional pieces, game box art, instruction booklet illustrations, official character illustrations, sprite art, interviews with the artists, and more.

We now have word that Dark Horse Comics is preparing The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts Limited Edition. The item, limited to just 10,000 copies, features an exclusive Master Sword cover and Acetate Slipcase.

As the official Amazon listing states:

“This exclusive edition of only 10,000 copies features an original cover with a raised 3D embossed Master Sword. The book fits into an acetate slip case that features a golden sheath for the Master Sword and emulates the sword being removed from the sheath when the book is removed from the top of the slipcase.

The sword itself is a 3D embossed sculpt with a metallic foil finish and is printed at the size of an actual sword hilt to give the reader the satisfaction of unsheathing the realistic-looking sword from the acetate sleeve sheathe that encases the book. The cover’s background features the Lost Woods in a deep, custom-mixed purple ink with a soft touch lamination and spot-gloss UV which is framed with metallic foil. The pages are gold gilded to round out the premium enhancements.”

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts Limited Edition (and standard version) arrives on February 21. You can pre-order it on Amazon here or Amazon Canada here.

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  • Roto Prime

    GOT ONE, Thank you ever so much Nintendo Everything!!!!!!! <3

    • Abra


    • Abra

      $79.99 :v
      also Switch price will be $200… i got my sources..

      • Roto Prime

        I like your sources Abra… it Mega Alakazam by any chance?!

        • Abra

          nope it’s detective pikachu…

          • Roto Prime

            AHAHAHAHA, so funny my dude <3

    • MagcargoMan

      Post a picture of it when you get it!

      • Roto Prime

        I chickened out and canceled it ;____;

        • MagcargoMan

          • Roto Prime

            I’m sorry, it just $20 USD for the normal version vs $80 USD for a cool cover….if it was leather like the first one then Ya! I will make it up some how, maybe Real Action Heroes Breath Of the Wild link….its like OD expensive….but ever so beautiful *Drool*<3

  • Just cancelled my pre-order of the ‘normal’ version and bought the new one. Thanks NE!

  • Kaine Morrison

    Decided to go with the standard hardcover.

  • rebirfh

    I have two preeorders one I got for $10 and the other for $20 ( I will sell to pay the first one and the shipping costs). I don’t see how an exclusive cover can be worth $70. And people still thinks a Switch for $250 is too expensive.

  • JasonBall

    I preordered the normal one for 25 bucks on BN months ago. A new cover won’t make me spend 55 more. What I really want is the next two volumes of the series…

  • z3razerviper

    I am a huge Zelda fan but I have to say the standard edition looks better. Plus a plastic slip cover costing me an extra 60 bucks (have the std edition preordered for 20) I cant justify it.

  • Jarrod Thompson

    Wow, a limited edition that is available enough for people to get, but limited enough to still feel special. Good thing Nintendo isn’t the one selling this.

  • Carlos

    I’ve got mine, even though I shouldn’t have.

  • Zeonis

    It is lame that they are already sold out.

  • r4ind4nce

    As cool as that looks, I’m absolutely fine with just getting the standard version, I’ve got enough game CEs, no need to start collecting artbook CEs as well… especially since what counts are the contents, not a slip case that just gets in the way every time I want to look at the book. Pretty cool though.

  • MagcargoMan

    They made the description of what the book case and cover were made of really sexy. Looks pretty awesome!

  • Will Wilson

    Amazon just cancelled my order!! They said “it’s no longer available from our suppliers”

  • Reuben Ahmed

    There are more than 10,000 copies of this thing out there. False advertising!