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The “R” in Super Bomberman R apparently stands for “Rangers”

Posted on March 25, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Bomberman R is the latest entry in the long-running Bomberman franchise. Something we haven’t heard Konami discuss is the game’s name. Surely the “R” means something, right?

Apparently so. Super Bomberman R received a rating from PEGI, which seems to reveal the full name. Based on the classification, the “R” stands for “Rangers”.

That does actually make sense. In the game’s Story Mode, eight Bomberman Rangers are tasked with defeating Evil Emperor Buggler and five Bombers. Super Bomberman R’s title ties into that.

Thanks to Tom for the tip.


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  • Addy

    Insert obvious joke relating to a 90s TV show here.

    • Justin McQuillen


  • JasonBall

    I thought the staff already talked about what it means? Like Rebirth or something? It was some deep analysis.

  • Go Go Bomber Rangers!

    • hey it makes sense knowing that the Bomberman 64 used a modified Spiderman’s theme for the commercial.

      • Chiquitajgarcia

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  • Chaos_Knight

    I thought it meant something like “Returns” since Bomberman finally got a new game.

  • Blake Good

    Bomberman and Power Rangers crossover confirmed?