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The Snack World is getting a Season Pass

Posted on August 17, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in 3DS, News

The Snack World, Level-5’s latest game, was released last week in Japan for 3DS. Level-5 has more in store for the game though – two DLC packs will be released for it in the coming months. The first one, titled “Dragon Knight’s Trial!!” will be released in October, while the second one, “The Demon of Destruction! The Advent of Demiglass!!” will be released in January 2018. Each pack contains new dungeons, bosses, Snacks and Jara. They cost 900 yen if purchased individually, but only 1,500 yen if you buy the Season Pass, which gets you both.

Level-5 announced last year that The Snack World will be released outside of Japan, but we haven’t heard anything about any Western release plans since then.


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  • Roto Prime

    Wow level 5…..just wow……this is very sad, almost hurts as much as what you did to Fantasy Life here in the west ;______;

    • Carlos

      I liked Fantasy Life 🙁

      • Roto Prime

        I love Fantasy Life, would have been my most played game for all of time….but the DLC origin island really hurt me ;____;

        • Carlos

          I don’t see why. I bought it and liked the DLC.

          • Roto Prime

            I’m personally don’t like day one dlc, rubs me the wrong way, its in the game and locked behind a pay wall, it really hurt ;____;

          • Carlos

            I see what you mean, though it wasn’t day one DLC(although for us it was). Remember that it was released in Japan first, and then later on they got the DLC. It wasn’t day one DLC but added later after it got released.

          • Roto Prime

            True, true…i’m still salty ;____;

  • Fandangle

    Aaaaaaaand dropped.

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