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Theatrhythm producer interested in continuing the series

Posted on January 10, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Square Enix has created three Theatrhythm games. We’ve seen two based on Final Fantasy, and the Japanese-only entry for Dragon Quest. If recent comments from Square Enix’s Ichiro Hazama are anything to go by, the series won’t be stopping there.

Hazama commented about the future of Theatrhythm in this month’s issue of Nintendo Dream. He spoke about wanting to keep the franchise going in his New Year’s greeting, in which he mentioned:

“This is Hazama from Square Enix. Last year at this place, I said ‘we’ll keep continuing Theatrhythm from hereafter too!’. Well then, I wonder how about next year[‘s continuity]. Personally, I still want to continue, and everyday I have been devising various plans. I’m full with a feeling to do something to make it happen, so I’ll be glad if you can wait with anticipation. With that being said, please keep supporting [the series] as usual from hereafter too!”

I’d personally be up for a Nier-only Theatrhythm, but that’s probably unlikely to happen. Something like Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts might be more realistic!

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  • Kusazo Hikashi

    ATLUS x SE
    Make an Etrian Odyssey Theatrhythm please. :”^(

    • Jardex22

      But how will you be able to draw the map and tap a tune at the same time?

      • Sylvia Marshall

  • I’d still be interested in obtaining Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, Square. 😛

    But seriously, I’ll take just about anything else. I adore Theatrhythm. I put more hours into Curtain Call than I put into most actual Final Fantasy games. I do think a Mana-based entry would be my next most wanted though. There’s plenty of material they could work with, and even the lousy Mana games tended to have pretty good music.

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    • Hank McSchwenk


  • Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts, but I’d imagine it’d have to come out after KHIII (or, since that requires outlasting the heat death f the universe, maybe after 2.8, as further promotion for the un-evitable).

    I mean, I’d jam “L’Oscurita d’ell Ignoto” or whatever from 3D all damn night. And from the same game, its remix of “Calling” is was got me to buy the (less pumpin’) original for TFFCC.

  • Locky Mavo

    Cool, Theatrhythm series are pretty good rhythm games, though not my favorite in the genre, I do hope Theatrhythm DQ will some day come west, but more hoping for Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ and would love another Elite Beat Agents. I wonder what SE series they’d do next? FF and DQ are definitely SE’s biggest, maybe their Eidos IPs? Could you imagine it? A Tomb Raider/Hitman/Deus Ex Theatrhythm? lol.

    A Nier-only Theatrhythm sounds kinda silly, imo. Maybe a Drakengard Theatrhythm would be better, might as well do the whole series than just a spin-off title. Plus there’s already a number of Nier songs on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call anyway, along with many other SE games. (wish SE would start porting some the games all this music comes from to Nintendo’s consoles, oh well maybe for the NX?)

  • Rafael Bueno

    Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts and maybe… just MAYBE Fire Emblem or Zelda

  • Kallumsmarties

    I’d love to see them work alongside Nintendo to make a Threatrhythm Nintendo game with all the franchises.

    • Burning Gravity

      same here, so long as it’s not FE-focused. We’d only hear music from the most recent games that. I’d also kinda nooot want Zelda, I just don’t feel like the music would be fun for a rhythm game… but eh, a general “Theatrhythm Nintendo” would be great so long as it had a large selection of tracks from all sorts of games/series, haha.

  • RickyWill

    Secret of Mana?


  • キロ

    Theatrhythm x Any long running Nintendo franchise (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, etc) would be awesome. I love Rhythm Action and 100%’d both Curtain Call and the first one. : )

  • Burning Gravity

    Theatrhythm TWEWY would be fun, but I don’t expect it considering they won’t even make a sequel…