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TowerFall creator bringing new game Celeste to Switch

Posted on February 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Matt Thorson has announced that his new game Celeste is heading to Switch sometime this year. Thorson was also behind the critically acclaimed indie game TowerFall.

The news was just shared on his personal Twitter page:

As for Celeste, it’s a new platformer about climbing a mountain. The game packs in over 250 stages featuring a wide variety of environments, including an abandoned city, ancient ruins, cliff sides, and a haunted resort. Some “quirky” characters will be encountered along the way.


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  • AJK

    Urgh. This looks like everything thats wrong with a certain type of indie game. They try to replicate 8 bit games, but somehow manage to create something that has less style than an NES game, and controls like crap (no sense of weight to characters, or finesse in movement etc). Shovel Knight shows how it can and should be done…should be a game that indie companies are forced to study.

  • r4ind4nce

    Yes, please!

  • DeltaPeng

    Looks great! I loved the little bit of Towerfall I got to play with my friend’s PS4 (though I don’t have that system, personally).

    Loving the music, and like that it reminds me of 1001 Spikes.