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Two new Mega Evolution Pokemon leaked for Pokemon X/Y and more

Posted on November 1, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News

The three new event Pokemon uncovered in Pokemon X/Y weren’t the only recent leaks for the two games. Further digging has been done over the past few days, resulting in interesting findings. Head past the break for the details.

We now have two new Mega Pokemon: Latias and Latios. Additionally, screenshots have emerged showing new Vivillion forms and Floette. We also have another image showing Volcanion.

You can find all of the new screenshots above.


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  • Edgarska

    Vivillon: Pokeball edition, and Yveltal Floette.

    It feels good to play Pokemon without knowing everything about the game.

    • Daniel

      Yes thats true Edgarska, But you can also miss quite alot, Pokemon is such a broad game xD

  • Christian K Carrillo

    weird… the “mega evolutions” are lacking the mega symbol on their names. Is this because of the datamine process?

  • jdk fadsi


    The floette looks curiously like AZ’s floette!

  • Andrew Fleming

    latias and latios look exactly the same to me…

    • R.D. Covenant

      different color eyes, but they look waaaayyy too similar for my taste…

  • Kirito

    Solid Design for Latios and Latias but they need different color schemes

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