Rumor: A trio of event Pokemon leaked for Pokemon X/Y

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5 months ago by (@NE_Brian)

Screenshots of three brand new Pokemon have apparently leaked online. The images, showcasing the never-before-scene creatures, were allegedly uncovered after digging around Pokemon X/Y’s data. All three are said to be tied to upcoming events in the 3DS games.

Head past the break for all of the screenshots.

Rumor has it that Diancie is Rock/Fairy, Hoopa is Psychic/Ghost, and Volcanion is Fire/Water. These photos definitely look like the real deal, so I’d be shocked if they turned out to be fake somehow.


  • ecoutercavalier

    Volcanion and Hoopa are pretty cool. I’ve always wanted a fire/water.

  • Carlos

    It could be true since there’s only 3 new legendary pokemon.

  • Kiryu Kyosuke

    Quite disappointed that they are legendaries. But whatever, all three of them look at least magnificent in my eyes, the typings are great as well.

    • Jumwa

      Yeah, I never use legendaries, just feels cheap. Though two of those tickle my fancy look and typing wise. However I’m a bit saddened that the game has been datamined and the mystery of what’s to come is gone now. Was fun going into it blind at first.

      • That Dude

        Yeah, I never use legendaries, just feels cheap. So true.
        Do people like pokemon or their stats?

  • Graf

    Diancie looks like a Carbink evolution somehow.

    • Alejandro Prieto

      That’s because it is

      • Graf

        Timestamps, dude. I’ve heard the confirmation by now, too :P

  • Ade

    Volcanion doesn’t seem to fit in with the other two. Just my opinion.

  • Daniel.

    These better be Wifi events. I swear if i am told to go to Wal-Mart i will be so angry. Even gamestop. All events need to be Wifi, i mean shoot its a wireless handheald…

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