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UK software sales (Week ending 11/18/2017)

Posted on November 20, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in 3DS, News, Switch

This week’s UK software sales are as follows:

Individual formats

All formats

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  • awng782

    Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon sold ~76,000 copies at launch. Looks like Mario Odyssey will hold its status as the fastest selling Nintendo game of the year.

    20% of LA Noire sales came from the Switch version, which is quite good considering that the Switch install base is <5% the size of the PS4/XBO install base. Not to mention that the game comes with a hefty mandatory download. And it's also the UK lol

    Skyrim Switch wasn't as fortunate. Skyrim VR sold better.

  • Carly

    Disappointing for LA Noire and Skyrim, and Doom gone already. RIP third party Switch support. 2017-2017.

    • cloud36426

      I was disappointed to see that too. Hopefully Christmas will bring many more sales for these games. Or even after. There will no doubt be many Nintendo units sold between now and January 1st.

      • AJK

        It’s the Uk. Worse territory for Nintendo. Switch versions of Skyrim weren’t even on the shelves of our local Game store despite a whole shelf and poster behind the checkout for the vr version, even though the Switch has vastly outsold ps vr

        • link2metroid

          There’s always an excuse.

          • AJK

            Truth isn’t excuse. You still haven’t explained why your post history is so inconsistent…one post saying that as a Switch owner you feel ripped off by re-releases then in another saying you haven’t bought a Switch. It’s almost like you’re a dummy account with a name designed to make you sound like a Nintendo fan lol

          • nemo37

            Not really an excuse, just a simple fact that you cannot judge a console based on its weakest market. No one judges the Xbox based on its sales in Japan, because it is not reflective on how it is doing elsewhere.

            Here are a few other things about why the U.K numbers are not reflective, particularly for Skyrim:

            1. In Europe, Switch is much more popular in countries like France where more hardware and software have been sold.

            2. If you check the Amazon best-seller charts for UK versus France and United States you would see Skyrim ranking far higher than it did in the UK. In the US, it was havering around 13th place before and during its launch and it is still in the top 100 after its launch (32 as of this writing). I use Amazon because their ranking has accuratly corresponded with NPD sales data release for both hardware and software sales.

            3. Again going by Amazon rankings, I can already predict a very bad charting position for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in the United Kingdom, but the situation is going to be very different in France and the United States.

          • link2metroid

            The UK isn’t Nintendo’s weakest market though and nor should it be. If they were doing things right it would be one of the big 3: America, UK and Japan. But Nintendo have made a complete hash of things there for decades. As they have elsewhere. France is now Nintendo’s biggest market in Europe, followed by the UK.

            So it’s a mixed bag, great in France, poor in UK. So what does that say about the rest of Europe?

          • nemo37

            Actually I should have chosen my words more carefully. Yes UK is not Nintendo’s smallest market. However UK is the third largest overall market for console video games, and it is Nintendo’s worst market of the three. However, again we cannot generalize a system’s success based on its performance in a single market.

            When we look at Europe in its entirety, Switch seem to be performing similarly to the Xbox One, at least in terms of hardware. In terms of third-party software, it is performing worse (France, again, is the standout exception to that).

          • Stuart

            Wrong. It was already showed that Switch is doing as good,if not better,in Spain than UK. VgChartz’s estimates also show that Switch sold way more on Germany too.

            UK was never a good parameter for Switch’s sales,much of those games that posted big numbers,including third party games like Street Fighter,Bomberman and Disgaea, didn’t showed much movement on UK compared to the rest of Europe. NIS even gave a really good statement about how Disgaea games usually are a big hit on UK,but on Switch it did not that great,but it posted numbers way above expectations on the other european countries.

          • awng782

            Germany is the Switch’s 2nd biggest market.

        • cloud36426

          Yeah retailers can make a big difference. Can’t make sales if it isn’t on the shelf. I was hoping they would do good everywhere. I know I’m getting Skyrim and Doom. No L.A. Noire though. It is not for me.

    • link2metroid

      Yep, pretty much. And people wonder why EA won’t make more games for Switch.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        At this point nobody wants EA making games for switch, especially after the recent Battlefront 2 debacle.

    • Stuart

      Dont judge the software sales of Switch games based on UK.

    • nemo37

      Yeah…third-parties are not going to be going anywhere just based on the performance of titles in a systems weakest market. I will wait for data from France and the United States to get a fuller picture of how the game performed.

      Also, Carly you have typically said something is terrible only for the company to come back and contradict you. I remember you predicted that Ubisoft would not be happy based on the sales of Mario and Rabbids (again based on data from the UK charts, which you generalized to the whole world) yet Ubisoft themselves said the game did well and it has since become the system’s top selling game. Or when Splatoon 2 did not get the top spot in the UK charts (that title has gone on to sell millions worldwide). You cannot judge a system based on its performance in its worse market and discount every other places where it and its games are doing better. For example, if you want to talk about Switch’s overall situation and how its games are performing you cannot talk about UK and then neglect markets like the US, Japan, Canada, and France where the system and its software are consistently performing better.

      • masterjedi

        I wish I could like this comment 100 times.

    • gurbeergill

      No need to be so pessimistic. They were all ports, and released on a console that is less than one year old. To have expected them to storm the charts was a being overly optimistic.
      Take a look at SM:O’s place on that chart. There is no way years-old ports would be getting anywhere near the numbers as a new Mario game.

  • Can’t believe people still bought Battlefront II amidst all the negativity.

    • AJK

      People here in the UK are not very intelligent when it comes to mak8ng decisions

    • Stuart

      But in the end,it was still affected A LOT. I just saw that Battlefront II was down 61% from the first game in UK. Of course it is stil a huge number since the original is the best selling Star Wars game period, but it is still a big hit. EA was predicting that this game would sell 14 millions lifetime, but this is getting harder and harder.

  • link2metroid

    What a failure for Skyrim and L.A. Noire on Switch. And DOOM is gone after only a week.

    • AJK

      Wait for US sales and specific numbers. Nintendo digital sales aren’t included in UK data either (yet ps and Xbox digital are for some reason). Same for pc digital. It’s why pc games rarely chart here

    • nemo37

      Judging by Skyrim and Doom pre-launch and immediate post launch rankings in markets like the United States on Amazon best-sellers, Bethesda at least should be doing fine on Switch. L.A Noire did not really chart on any system, so I cannot really gauge the performance for it.

      • Stuart

        It seens L.A. Noire is not being sold yet on the Amazon from US. Amazon is getting weird with their releases these days

        • nemo37

          That is really strange. I bought my copy off of Amazon Canada, I would not have expected that it would not be listed on Amazon US, but you are quite right both the PS4 and Switch versions are missing on Amazon US (XOne version is there though).

          • Stuart

            Good to know that it is available on Amazon of Canada. But yeah,it is weird from US, also NBA and WWE from Switch were never available over there and Resident Evil Revelations Collection when it was announced it charted (pretty high actually),after a few days it sold out and till these days they didn’t put back up.

  • Jeff Moreira

    Right, a few things to consider from this information.
    The last time I’ve checked, the UK and Spain together (according to Game) had around 456K units sold to customers and these two countries. Which is not much, so assuming that, let’s say, half of these consoles are in the UK (228K) we cannot expect a lot in terms of sales for games that are rated “M”.
    I mean, in those 228K of consoles you cannot expect that everybody will be the game for a lot of different reasons.

    What I’m surprised though is that Doom is not on the top 40. That is really the only surprise to me as I was expecting it to be on that list.
    Hopefully the global sales of the game will be better.

    The only thing I know is that the game was in the 3rd place on the eShop until Skyrim was released and then it went to number 5, which still pretty good.

    • link2metroid

      There’s at least 300,000 Switch’s in the UK.

      • Jeff Moreira

        Which still not a big jump from 228K i’ve mentioned.
        Again, the best thing is to look at the global sales not just the UK market that is notorious to be a Sony/Xbox market.
        The global sales are the deal breaker.

  • Marco Romano

    DOOM…LA Noire, Skyrim…bad sales for 3rd parties

    • link2metroid

      Ya but the Nintendo fire brigade is out in force. Don’t forget other games like Sonic Forces, FIFA 18 and, eh, they don’t really have major 3Rd party support.

  • Stuart

    Guys,again,if you gonna be surprised by certain games not selling that much on Switch in UK,you gonna make drama every week. UK is a bad market for Nintendo, Switch games will always get the lower end over there.

  • Kuhang Menyangbo

    That’s pretty bad sales for Skyrim on Switch. It sold even lesser than the VR version? That’s just SAD. L.A. Noire is not so good either but not outright bad.

  • link2metroid

    Let the excuses continue to spill forth.

    • nemo37

      You can call them excuses, but what AJK and myself have stated is fact. Third-party Switch software has generally done far better in US, France, and Japan. Switch hardware has done better in US, France, and Japan. If these games do badly in one of the big three markets (US, Japan, UK), but do well enough in the other markets (ie the publisher gets the global sales that they expect) then they will be fine.

      • awng782

        Lol the Switch version of DBXV2 literally sold a few hundred copies at launch in the UK. Not just “lower than XBO version.” The have ended up shipping 400,000+ copies worldwide.

        Using the UK as a parameter for Nintendo’s global commercial performance is unwise.

    • Spice’71

      So I take it you live in the UK ?


      You do know the UK is Nintendo’s weakest market which is a fact, right? I think its about time I put another i**** onto my block list.

  • ben

    The UK is a wasteland.

  • Game_God

    Look at all the chavz swallowing the Loot Crate Pay 2 Win turdfest that is Battlefront 2… Brits really are the rednecks of Europe, thank god they are so clueless that they kicked themselves out of EU 😀

  • masterjedi

    After all that backlash against EA’s handling of Star Wars Battlefront 2, it still sold in the UK. However I did read a couple of reports that said the physical sales of Battlefront 2 were down 60% in the UK compared to the physical sales of Battlefront 1. But the caveat there is the rise of digital sales since the release of Battlefront 1. Either way, it seems from these charts that EA didn’t lose too many sales even after all the controversy. Either that, or this was just a weak week for software purchases in the UK.

  • Snackster1001

    I guess we can blame the UK for microtransactions being successful