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Video: Hacked NES Classic playing Nintendo 64 games

Posted on February 16, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in General Nintendo, Videos

Shortly after its release last year, people started tinkering with the NES Classic to see what else it could be besides play the 30 pre-installed games.    Last month, intrepid hackers managed to get additional 30 NES games to run on the machine. Now, some hackers managed to take it quite a bit farther.

As the video below shows, the NES Classic is apparently capable of running Nintendo 64 games. The actual performance varies greatly from game to game, but it’s a pretty impressive feat nonetheless.


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  • R.Z.

    Cool, Nintendo only needs to change the mold of the outer shell for its next retro systems !
    I can’t wait for N64 Mini, I hope the controllers will be Switch compatible too !

  • Exy

    It’s just RetroArch then. Next video will be about PS1 games running on it.