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Video: Seeing what happens when you lose all of your coins in Super Mario Odyssey

Posted on October 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

Lives are gone in Super Mario Odyssey. Rather than losing a life when you die, you lose coins instead.

But what happens when you run out of coins in Super Mario Odyssey? As we found out a few months ago, the game doesn’t have any game over screens. Nintendo instead has decided to warp players back to the most recent location you exited from.

Here’s a look:

Nintendo explained why lives are gone in the latest issue of Game Informer. You can read about that here.

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  • KnightWonder

    Good. Game Overs aren’t needed nowadays.

    • Thomas_NE

      Jesus, a 4 minute video to explain that?!

      • KnightWonder

        More like a 4 minute video for him to “criticize” the game for not having a Game Over screen, because he thinks it won’t be difficult without one.

        • andros

          Ye I work with him sometimes in discussion videos. We have a Mario Odyssey discussion coming up and I was going to talk to him about that lol. When I looked at his vid last week I was like dude you don’t need to have a game over screen. The game has checkpoints. If you travel very far and die you end up back at a cap shop or check point. That’s punishment enough lol if you die with a life system or not you still get punished for losing

          • Jade

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  • Rafael Bueno

    Game overs aren’t necessary nowadays
    Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, Uncharted, Dark Souls, all of these doesn’t have limited lives or something like that anymore

    i would say Fighting games and RPGs has a game over screen but tbh these may even not have these days

  • Devlind

    I’m ok with game overs not existing anymore, but there should be some kind of punishment if the player keeps failing (maybe more enemies? bosses with more health/strength? lower scores?). Games are going from convenient to easy in an alarming rate.

    • KnightWonder

      You lose coins, which you need to buy stuff. There you go.

      • Devlind

        Only ten at the time. You can collect them easily, probably within moments after losing them (in my times, you needed 100 coins for an extra 1up). Is not that there’s a limited number of coins in the game and if you run out of them you’re basically screwed. Not much a punishment if you ask me.

        • KnightWonder

          And neither are Game Overs. If anything, they’re more of an annoyance and hindrance to the experience. I don’t consider getting booted back to the title screen as punishment, it’ll only frustrate the player.

          • Devlind

            Well, you better read my original comment again then. I said that game over not existing anymore was ok, but there needs to be a punishment for players that keep failing. Making the game harder or giving lesser rewards raise the stakes and forces the player to get better next time.

          • KnightWonder

            The player will get better with time. You don’t need to have penalties to do that.

          • Devlind

            No, the player will not get better with time, just get how to do the minimun to not fail. For example, you can finish a level without dying after trying and trying again, you aren’t getting better, just memorizing the stage. Look at boxboy. You can take your time to finish the stage and die as many times as you want, but if you really want to finish the level 100%, you need to play good and fast before the crowns disappear. That’s a punishment that raises the stakes and forces you to play better each time. The same with Bayonetta’s or Sonic’s score system at the end of each level. If the game is missing any of that stuff, there’s no need to actually get better, but probably that’s what they’re trying to achieve with Mario Oddysey.

          • Bradley

            That’s the only thing that irritates me in sonic mania and I just realized I have not beaten that game yet, I find going all the way to the menu and then the very first act quite discouraging( Don’t any of you dare type git gud)

          • Devlind


            In all seriousness, I agree, game overs should not be a thing anymore, but there needs to be some kind of punishment for the player. If the game brings the player back next to the hole he fell with no penalty, there’s no real reason for the player to feel that he needs to improve to avoid that situation again. If the game punishes the player giving him less points at the end of the level (and thus not getting a perfect score or unlock something), the player would be like “Ok, I need to jump over all the pits” and play accordingly for the rest of the game.

          • Bradley

            I just realised you typed git gud, you sly fox XD

      • andros

        Ye I work with him sometimes in discussion videos. We have a Mario Odyssey discussion coming up and I was going to talk to him about that lol. When I looked at his vid last week I was like dude you don’t need to have a game over screen. The game has checkpoints. If you travel very far and die you end up back at a cap shop or check point. That’s punishment enough lol if you die with a life system or not you still get punished for losing. Ya losing money sucks big time. It’s more of a get good system than a you died start over

    • NeptuniasBeard

      That makes literally no sense. If your players are having trouble beating your game, you don’t make it harder. That doesn’t teach them anything or help them in any way. It makes them scared to play, which is bad.

      • Reggie

        In the same light, challenge should be there.

        • True, but if people re already having trouble with the challenge, isn’t that kind of the point? x’)

          Just as a specific example for me: Playing 3D World with my friend, we got stuck on the area with the toxic ponds, and died so much, the game had to give us the ultimate hand-out.

          I mean, maybe we just sucked, but I honestly thought it was kind of hard. That was challenging to me, and if the game made that harder for me in response? I would have been pissed and dropped the game.

          At the same time, I think 3D World struck a pretty fair balance of handing things to the player, being surprisingly easy and then being ridiculously hard. Maybe that’s just me, but I kind of liked it, and I expect the same of Odyssey.

          • Reggie

            I think you kinda misunderstood my point.

            Like no lie, I think it’s great that video games have gotten a lot more widely accessible to different people. Aiding players as an option, especially for children and people who legit struggle, is also a nice addition (People may b**** about it, but it’s supposed to be entirely optional, it’s not like it’s forced onto them). But I also still think there is value to challenge. If everything was super easy and handed out victories like they were candy, there would be no sense of accomplishment to be had. There would be nothing to motivate us to improve.

            I get super frustrated playing some games, to the point of getting really angry. But I wouldn’t change that since I appreciate the challenge, even if I may not show that appreciation sometimes. Lol.

          • I think we’re mostly saying the same thing then? I like challenge too, and I think most of us do. I just agree with above comments that making things harder when someone is challenged already, doesn’t make sense. (If they can’t clear the challenge, making it harder in turn makes no sense.)

            I do like the scaling difficulty that Nintendo has been trying for lately. BotW could mostly be as easy or hard as you want it to be. If the game is “too easy,” then you can play only grabbing the weakest weapons, not expanding your slots, etc. If you have it in you to challenge yourself but you’re just looking to clear the game, play so that you can earn a good, strong variety of weapons and shields and do what you can.

            I think Odyssey will probably end up kind of similar.

          • Devlind

            I didn’t say to increase necessarily the difficulty, it was just an option for a punishment if the game could fit that to encourage the player to improve. 3D world is already challenging and if you lose all your lifes you have to restart the level from the very start (and in multiplayer those lifes are eaten way faster). That’s more than enough punishment for the player. If you don’t want that to happen, you have to get better, just that.

            In Odyssey you lose 10 coins each time you fail (or that’s whay I’ve seen so far), which isn’t very punishing since you probably can recollect them moments after you come back (and from some gameplay that I’ve seen, you aren’t transported back to a checkpoint if you’re in the middle of something). A better punishment would be losing kingdom coins (which seem to be actually limited) and put them back in random spots in the map. If you don’t want that (because you can’t buy stuff in the kingdom without them) you’ll need to play more carefully and understand the game better.

          • Really? I recall a couple of instances in 3D World where my friend and I didn’t restart the level (well, there were those), but it gave us the golden cat or tanuki suit to get through where we were. Which to me, made sense. I don’t mind some challenge at times, but if we’re struggling that hard, I don’t want to be punished, lol. It’s already challenging at that point, why challenge more? Getting harder is off-putting, not encouraging or helping me improve. But I do think it’s circumstantial. And maybe 3D World was programmed that way.

            It’ll be interesting to see if the difficulty is as simple as that. After BotW and some other games, I’ll be surprised if Nintendo goes for such a basic difficulty mode/path.

          • Devlind

            If you lose all your lifes, yes, iirc, you’re back at the world map or the title screen, which is enough punishment (starting the level all over again with only 5 more tries), but if you have some lifes to spare, you start at your last check point inside the level. This is what I meant with punishment. I just gave those out (even as questions because they may or not fit in all games) as punishments options, not that they should be mandatory.

            “I don’t want to be punished, lol”

            And that’s precisely why the game should punish you in a way you can feel it, because if the punishment is blant or no existent, the player will not care if it gets or not punished and will keep doing the same mistakes over and over again. Even some mobile games punish the players if they aren’t good (you waste opportunities to play and have to wait or pay to keep playing).

        • NeptuniasBeard

          I never said that it shouldn’t. But if you’re already failing, then the game is challenging enough. Now if Dev suggested making the game harder in order to reward players that appear to be breezing through, fine. That would be nice. Not strictly necessary, but nice

          • Reggie

            “If you’re already failing”, honestly this makes it sound like you give up too easily at hard games.

            Let me tell you something. I’m not good at fighting games whatsoever, and I generally don’t play them because they’re not my preferred genre. But there are some fighting games I’ll still play regardless. I face difficult challenges with them, and I fail a lot. But I accept that as part of challenge and a push for me to get better. Fighting games would not be nearly as enjoyable if they were easy-peasy.

      • RoadyMike

        Git gud

      • Devlind

        Not necessarily. If I’m having trouble againts an enemy, having that very same enemy appearing more often encourages me to find a way to overcome them if I want to continue instead of just ignoring them next time, and that means improvement. The same with bosses with more health/strength (having them restoring all their health is enough punishment if it’s already hard), I don’t see that as being harder, it’s a challenge to the player. The boss still has the very same behaviour, so it is just a matter of the player getting a better grip of the controls and rules of the game to slay it. The same if I get a low score instead of a golden trophy. Those things should encourage the player to actually say “I get this” instead of “Oh, I got it this time” and end up failing the next one, and if the player gets scared of any of this, then it should not be playing videogames in the first place.

  • Snackster1001

    There’s no life counter and you can retry as much as you want. Makes sense in my opinion (hope they bring the life counter back for future games though, like a new 3D land/world entry)

  • Tlink7

    Who cares? Jeebus, that guy should find something actually rant-worthy

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Kinda sad there’s no Game Over’s. Mario wouldn’t be as fun as it is without them like in Sunshine and 64. Or even in the 2D Mario’s, if I just re-spawned right where I fell off, kind of defeats the point.

  • Max

    This guy must be hella old.

    • Pinkie-Dawn

      Depends how old. If he was born in the 90’s, then he’s not THAT old.

  • Cool!

  • Aline Piroutek

    If the “gaming fan” were here, she would say DOOM for Switch is a crap because Super Mario Odyssey doesn’t have a Game Over screen.

    • SpectralDynamite

      Gamingfan is a girl?

    • Addy

      Can you please stop whining about what that person said for one full minute?

  • BravoBDD

    If the game doesn’t have Game Over, that doesn’t mean that the game will be easier. Seriously, the level of a world and the challenge of overcoming it has always been the key difficulty of a Mario, not the loss of all your lives.
    Think about it, who really got Game over in Super Mario Galaxy 1/2? (Maybe in the last level), but commonly people like us who enjoy video games it’s rare that we get Game Over in a Mario game (I at least never happened to me in SMG1/2).
    Who are prone to such a situation? People who are not accustomed to video games. Why do people who need more use of “trial and error” fall into Game Over? Is not it unfair to them?
    I prefer a Mario where the difficulty lies in the levels and ability of
    one to overcome the levels without having to worry about a limit of
    times to try. (Well… that’s how I think)

    • I think that’s perfect and eloquently put.

      I didn’t get to ply SMG2 yet, but I had a blast with 1. I don’t remember getting a lot of game overs, but I’m certain I got a couple? (Or at least, I think?) But it’s also in part because in Mario games (well, Nintendo games), it is fun to experiment with everything you can do; and it is unfair to be punished for that.