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Video: “What Is Portal Knights?”

Posted on April 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

505 Games prepared a new Portal Knights video that provides more information on the action RPG that’s slated for Switch. View it below.

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  • ZzZzZ…

  • R.Z.

    It’s a Minecraft-like trying to win an award in the category of ugliest character design ever.
    They saw Steve from Minecraft and thought :
    “Wow, that’s ugly ! But it still has some kind of recognizable style, it has a substance in a way … I bet we can do “better” guys !”.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      ….Ugly character design? Seriously?

      • R.Z.

        That’s what stood out in this video to me, I have a hard time taking the game seriously because of it, even after watching that other video where they say it’s a”big deal” on PC.
        The character design is really, really awful.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          Awful for what exactly? For being too simple? For being too stylized? For being a chibi?

          • R.Z.

            For being a failed bland between manga and cartoon esthetics in which almost every possible combination looks awful and bland. I would define it as generic-fugly-chibi.

    • lolwat

      It looks more like they stole the character models from MySims and threw them into Minecraft.

      • R.Z.

        Pretty close, but I think it manages to look even worse.

  • Hermione Granger

    its crap that desperate try copy minecraft.

  • DeltaPeng

    free demo??

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