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Video: Yoshi’s New Island – first hour

Posted on March 10, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Videos

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  • sonicfan1373

    I am curious to hear what others think of this game.

    I like the giant eggs, the new swimming mechanics, and the new transformations; however, the rest of the game seems to be heavily based on original, offering very little in terms of innovation. To top that off the bosses do not seem that interesting, and the music is very stale and annoying (based on what I have seen from the game).

    Moreover, the art style they have chosen does not sit well with me either. By this statement I do not mean to say that I expect a realistic art style or anything like; in fact, in my opinion, the original Yoshi’s Island game has aged very well because Nintendo decided to use highly detailed and fluidly animated cartoon sprites as opposed to using realistic pre-rendered 3D sprites. However, Yoshi’s New Island is opting to use the same pre-rendered 3D style that was avoided on the SNES on a console that can do more (which is clearly seen by games like NSMB2 which is another pre-rendered game; although I consider that game to be artistically challenged as well). I would not have minded if Nintendo used to old detailed cartoony art-style or even experimented with things like claymation and perhaps even paper art, but this 1990s pre-rendered look is devoid of charm and it comes off as a strange choice seeing that is the effect they wished to avoid when they made the first game in 1990s. Of course this is just my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with liking this (or any other art style); after all, art is a highly subjective matter.

    I have been waiting for a fantastic followup to Yoshi’s Island for years (following up to such a masterpiece is no easy task) and I was gonna instantly make this a day #1 purchase, but as of now it does not offer quite enough innovation to gameplay to warrant that. Therefore, for now I will be monitoring it and hoping for more innovation. However, realistically speaking, I will probably stick with my Ambassador GBA copy of Yoshi’s Island and I will pickup the GBA version again on Wii U to play on TV; and I hope that Yarn Yoshi on Wii U will be the polished and innovative followup to the original Yoshi’s Island.

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