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Wii U update version 5.1.0 out now, lets you transfer content between Wii U systems

Posted on July 21, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Nintendo has released a new update for Wii U that brings the firmware up to version 5.1.0.

With the update, users can now transfer all software and data from one Wii U console to another. This can be accessed within the System Settings and by choosing “System Transfer”.

Today’s update also brings new controller options to the Wii U eShop – Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, and Classic Controller – and makes further improvements to system stability.

You can find the full update notes below.

Version 5.1.0 U, available via an Internet connection, includes the following improvements:
New Features:

Wii U to Wii U System Transfer
Users can now transfer (move) all software and data from one Wii U to another
A “System Transfer” option has been added within System Settings
Click here for additional information on this feature
Changes to Nintendo eShop:

Users can now navigate the Nintendo eShop using a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, or Classic Controller
Improvements to system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Thanks to Kid X for the tip.


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  • Operative

    Woah, new controller options for the eShop. Perhaps they really do plan on de-bundling the gamepad at some point?

    • MadCrain

      Lol what? for giving more controller options? I think they’re just being smart, finally.

    • KH

      They are just being smart. It was a hassle to only being able to use the Gamepad in the Eshop, having to change controllers, or having to charge th Gamepad simply to enter the Eshop

      • Operative

        Maybe I’m over thinking it, of course, but if they ever do decide to do it, this made it an easier transition, at least.

        • KH

          With the gamepad using games coming next year, I doubt they will b de-bundling it any time soon.

          • Operative

            True. I also connected this news with the one where EB games in Australia listed a separate gamepad.

          • MadCrain

            You’re not the only one overthinking it, there have been a bunch of articles already, hey Operative, you’ve got the stuff.

            Anyways, if they do do that it’d be a pretty smart idea, Nintendo said the Wii U is $100 with the gamepad, so a $200 console with the pro controller included would get the idiots jumping on Nintendo’s back, because really, you have to be an idiot to not want the gamepad.

            Then again it’s a double edged sword since even if they do that and the third party creators have to make a sort of gamepad screen support, it’ll be sloppy, but it could also mean more third party, which is great… hmm, I’m torn up, it’s a double edged sword indeed.

          • KH

            When did they listed that?!!?!?!

          • Operative
          • KH

            Well that is one gigantic price o.O But this is probably from those listings that never happened, afterall Miyamoto has said no dual-gamepads till now, and it was also said that the Gamepd is here to stay. Plus that price o.O, they might aswell buy a 3DS or something at that price.

          • Operative

            Agreed, but I also need to consider it’s from Australia, and their prices for all gaming things are significantly higher than the rest of the world. Games there average $80

          • KH

            Yeah, but from a 20 bucks difference, to a difference of probably around 100-120 bucks, is pretty huge . what is the hardware price difference between the two places?

          • R.D. Covenant

            Remember when Nintendo confirmed that the Wii U could Support two gamepads? Maybe we’ll see something soon.

          • Operative

            That’d be amazing, I hope you’re right!

  • Shy_Guy

    I’ll check out this update.


    So that means that I can transfer all my vc games to my sisters wii U ??

    • I bet if you do that, it will be erase from your Wii U. Unless that is what you want to do.

  • Melatelo

    Glad they changed controller input for the e-shop. It was inconvenient to switch when I already had a wii-remote in my hand.

  • Kid X

    I still want to know what the last 3DS update did…

    • ShilaquilOneal

      You’re still in the dark about that one?

      Well that confirms that you don’t own a flash card and use it on the 3DS.

      If you did, you would’ve known that the last update for the 3DS was a security update.

      • Kid X

        Sorry, but I like physical copies of my games.

        • MadCrain

          How about a single physical copy for ALL of your games?!
          Just kidding.

        • ShilaquilOneal

          Sorry, but some people like FREE games a lot more than physical games.

          Thus the need for that security update.

  • Vigilante_blade

    Cool, so I can put my Gamepad in my closet. I never use that thing.

    • SkateRyan

      Such a sad world you must live in…

      • Vigilante_blade

        To be fair, I think Nintendo needs to just release a console with normal controllers only. No add-on, just games.

        To me, the Gamepad functionality could have been done using a 3DS instead. Mind you, I don’t hate the gamepad and I like it more than the Wiimote by far. I just prefer a classic controller.

        • PapaBrownBear

          The gamepad is the main attraction of the system just like how the nintendo DS had a touch screen and later on in the DS’ life it was something devs used if they wanted to take their game above the competition. I like the gamepad it’s a great feature but I just want to see Nintendo implement flexibility with their system. Making the system flexible and making the gamepad more option makes it a even more special feature knowing not having to use it.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Well, I will agree and disagree with you.

            I think that the Gamepad being an option is fine. I am a firm believer in letting people play the way they want. In other words, as long as I have an option to not use some of the features I hate like motion controls, I am happy.

            However, i believe that the main attraction of a system is its games. Since I am currently not a fan of Smash 4, I do not see myself playing it on the Wii U or 3DS. However, I see myself playing games like Hyrule Warriors or Xenoblade Chronicles X. to me, these games are the actual value of the system, not the gimmick added to it.

          • PapaBrownBear

            When I said main attraction the focus being on games should be a given ( I guess Sony and MS ruined that assumption) . I meant to say the main attraction within the focus on games.

        • Skarnet

          The gamepad IS a classic controller with a touchscreen and universal remote feature. It doesn’t get better than this! (oh and gyro, infrared, nfc, camera, sensorbar, mic and speakers ;-))

          • Vigilante_blade

            The fact that is has a gyroscope is what worries me most about it, lol. I will overtly avoid any game that forced motion controls on you outright. When Nintendo announces Pro controller support for its games, I’m actually happy becaus eit means that at the very least, I will have the option to play motion-less.

            I am a big fan of Star Fox, to the point where I can recite the entire Star Fox 64 dialogue in order. I might actually skip on Star Fox U “if” it forces the Gyroscope. The Wii and Kinect (I didn’t own one, but I know people who do) convinced me that motion controls cannot work, ever, and even if they did, I don’t want to use them.

            The hting is @SkateRyan:disqus , I actually do not mind assymetric gameplay. My first experience of it was called Dungeons and Dragons where one is the dungeon master and the others are the party members. In video games, we had that Gamecube Pac Man game that worked on the GBA screen. Those were fine exmaples of what assymetric gameplay could in fact be like. However, when I play a single player game, I don’t want to take my fingers off the buttons, the stick or the D-pad. I don’t want to wail around. If you took out the gyro on the Gamepad, I would jus tmod it so i can play it in reverse (I actually kinf of wish that the screen would adjust to the way you are holding the controller, like on cell phones). The fact that the gyro exists keeps making me worried about every game that comes out. I do not like that feeling.

            I’m well aware of the difference in architecture, but the fusion of the portable and home console groups gives me the inkling that they will have the two next-gen consoles interact.

            Nevertheless, while the Gamepad could be a selling point, it currently is not. Off TV play is good, but if it let you play a bit further away from your console, I think I would seriously consider using it more. However, I think that all games need to have a classic control scheme support. Not everyone likes gimmicks. You force them on people and they will be less willing to try them out. When the Wii shoved its motions on me, I became so annoyed with it that I literally refused to play any game that required it.
            With the Gamepad, if they force its features on people, they will just have gamers rebel against it.

            I do believe tat giving the option to se the Gamepad as just a classic controller might have alievated some of that resistance as well as people would be using it more. I for exmaple currently only one one Pro controller, one Gamepad and a Gamecube Controller adapter. If the gamepad could be used to play games like New Super Mario Bros U as an actual character in multiplayer, I would find that better.

        • SkateRyan

          Including it as the only controller for a new system highlights the peripheral, and makes sceptical people try it before they discard it for a Pro Controller or Wii Remote.

          I love the GamePad. As a current design student, I love the concept of an included tablet peripheral and the idea of asymmetric gameplay. The ideas I’ve been coming up with for Wii U would not be capable by using 3DS as an optional peripheral, and that’s not even taking into account the architecture and interface differences of the two consoles.

          If you take away the GamePad, it turns into a system that’s only slightly more powerful than a PS3 that can play Nintendo games. Some people would love that, but most people would pass it over.

  • Emufred

    This is a very convenient update and NO THEY’RE NOT GETTING RID OF GAMEPAD.

  • D2K

    Does this mean your purchases will be attached to your Nintendo Network ID or does it mean you can just transfer files to another Wii U by having both Wii U’s present?

    One of the things I loved (and still do) about the XBOX 360 is that even today I can go out and buy one and re-download everything I’ve purchases since day one that is still available to be downloaded. I can even go to my download history and find stuff there that is no longer available and re-download it. That is one area that they really got it right.

    • I would love for Nintendo to start working like that. I mean, how many times and on how many systems do I have to buy the exact same games?

      • D2K

        I know right. I think that was one of the things holding back the Wii U from the jump. To be quite honest, all three 8th-gen systems are SEVERELY lacking in the features from the 7th-gen consoles. Sony and Microsoft spent so much focusing on horsepower and Nintendo on the GamePad that they forgot to include the stuff the worked before as well.

        • Agreed. That is one of the reasons I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to jump to the 8th gen. It is slowly getting better, though. Really slowly.

          • D2K

            Yes. I’m thinking of picking up another 360 eventually just because I want to play those games again. I find myself enjoying playing older games than the new ones that come out. I have to be honest and say the even the Nintendo 1st party titles don’t hold me like they used to. The only Wii U 1st party game that I can say that I could play all day long is Mario Kart 8. However, I probably could have just as much fun (and possibly more fun) playing Mario Kart 64 because as we know the battle mode on MK8 sucks. Battle mode (VS Mode) was the feature that made MK64 a legendary classic. They really need to get those smaller arenas available on MK8.

          • Again, I agree.

            And about MK64’s Battle Mode, it appears developers just don’t care about outdoing that. They even made it worst on Wii U.

          • Relias

            Funny, I actually skipped 7th gen do to two reasons.

            1. It seemed to focus to much on features and not enough on what counts, the games.

            2. All the bundles they made accordingly continued to be too expensive, the only reason I own a U is because I happened to finally have bout 300.00 last year right before my bday, and was actually going to cave and buy a PS3, but as I was looking at video game consoles online(through Ebay mainly) and came across it, it looked like a Wii and I thought it was overpriced version of it, but before I dismissed it, I read about it, looked it up, and decided that for 300.00 it sounded like a good deal for a 8th gen instead of a 7th gen system, as thus I bought it, I liked the features and everything just fine and have been perfectly happy with my purchase, I think for the most part 8th gen is fine, it just is in a state of transition, after all it just really officially started, so now there is going to be more competition to get the features and everything set up that gamers like.

          • D2K

            The features that were focused upon in the 7th gen were features people enjoyed that enhanced gameplay. In this 8th generation, not only are those features missing, but because developers are focusing so much on trying to get games running at the highest resolution possible, they forget that the game is supposed to be fun. Gameplay was far more focused upon in the 7th gen than it is this gen. Gameplay was all the Wii had cause it certainly wasn’t for graphics save for a few titles like Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, DKCR, etc. I’ll play Gears Of War 2 & 3 all day long over playing Titanfall or Killzone. Those are nice games but very hollow like most games this generation.

            I’ll be honest to say that I have more fun playing older Mario games like Super Mario Bros 1,2,3, World, and 64 over playing Super Mario 3D World or New Super Mario Bros U.

        • Skarnet

          WHAT??? There’s a freaking Wii inside the U?!?!?

          • D2K

            And none of those functions on the Wii apply to the Wii U functionality itself. You are either doing the Wii or Wii U. Features are not interchangeable

  • Rex T.

    I don’t understand any necessary on system transfer between WiiU…
    If I need this function, that’s mean my first U system is broken of got error something… is that possible to have a system transfer under that situation?

    For the side of 3DS, it is useful because sometime I want to change my 3DS with a new and limited machine… but I don’t think this will happen on WiiU system~

    Anyone need to change your home console for outlook different?

    • Vigilante_blade

      What I could see being useful is sending save files to others systems, I guess?

    • Some people bought the Zelda console, that’s about all the uses I can think of.

    • Lolo

      Its definitely useful for users like me that got the 8GB White Model. I am considering buying a 32GB Black Model as an upgrade, so a system transfer is nice to have for 8GB users looking to upgrade.

    • Skarnet

      Might mean a new SKU is coming… NOT gamepad-less though

  • PapaBrownBear


  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    Nice! Now give me the option to use the gamepad on wii mode =]

    • MadCrain

      Yes ffs, I don’t see how Nintendo doesn’t understand how inconvenient it is to need to have a TV plugged in to get into Wii mode, what are they afraid of? not being able to get out? if only there was an off but…. OH WAIT.

      and I literally can’t see the difficulty in letting your gamepad be your classic controller, it’s probably cause they are still selling classic controllers, but still Nintendo, c’mon.

      • Skarnet

        You can go to Wiimode even if all the tv’s in the world are gone… What are you on about?

        • MadCrain

          What are YOU on about? no you can’t. seriously, you have to point your Wii remote to the sensor and the Wii U has to switch the T.V’s resolution, or an error will pop up and say it can’t sense the T.V.

          Please prove me wrong, if you’re right I would love you, I’ve tried everything and everybody has mutually agreed that it’s impossible, if you know how to, please share.

          • Skarnet

            are you seeing this?

  • Ben Dover Kuntz

    What we need is digital purchases attached to the Nintendo Network ID, NOT the hardware.

    • If you want game insurance, ask for game insurance. An account system benefits the publishers, not the consumers. The value of your digital purchases drops to zero because they’re non-transferable.

      • Ben Dover Kuntz

        the fact that i cant move my Nintendo Network ID over to another console. even if i dont own one digital purchases, is horrendous in 2014.

        • Skarnet

          you can. and now in two ways…

          • Ben Dover Kuntz

            i only want to move my Nintendo Network ID if my console is broken and not usable… i see no point in moving my Nintendo Network ID when the console is working….

          • Vigilante_blade

            I once got my 3DS stolen and I called up Nintendo about it. They basically let me download everything I had on my other system (including all of the DLC). Maybe that can alieve some of your worries.

          • D2K

            I don’t think they allow that unless there are extenuating circumstances (such as theft.) That being said it is pretty ridiculous the hoops you have to go through to transfer a Nintendo Network ID when in the last generation on other consoles are you needed to do was sign in with your gamertag, e-mail address, and voila you’re there.

            I hope they are working on that as well as multiple GamePad functionality, universal party chat(with the option to turn it on and off,) folders, etc.

          • Vigilante_blade

            You’d be surprised. So long as you keep your box with your number on it, you should be fine. Nevertheless, I do agree that it can be simpler. I also want to be able to bring my save files or heck, even give them to people.

          • D2K

            What number?

          • Vigilante_blade

            There’s a serial number on your box and on your system.

          • Ben Dover Kuntz

            i have other consoles where i can move my account without calling up the support… after all i dont need to be babysitted.

    • Skarnet

      Games has always been tied to the NNID… the NNID is tied to the hardware, but can be unlinked by Nintendo… The only thing missing is for Nintendo to let us do the unlinking ourselves…

      • Ben Dover Kuntz

        nintendo should fix this asap.

      • TalesOfBS

        This is exactly the most important feature missing here. They need a online NNID security area on their site where the user himself can report a broken (out of warranty) or stolen console and let him unlink that console from the NNID.

  • Kenshin0011

    Nintendo, I know this may be too ambitious and theoretically inconceivable, but can you please add folders to the main menu?

    Iwata: “Please understand, but it would take the power of 3 burning suns to add folders to the Wii U menu screen.”

    • PapaBrownBear

      Somebody buy this man/woman a beer.

    • Ben Dover Kuntz

      i totally agree on this one…

  • Egit-kun

    At least give us an option to turn off that big brick or at least don’t force it with gimmicks that can easily be done without a touchpad. I for one like using the pro controller and really look forward to the gamecube adapter.

  • MadCrain

    I already looked it up.

    I said it was mutually agreed because in every site you go to they say it’s impossible, I had to look for a tweet from some random guy that stated what you did in this comment, also, if you’re calling my comment crappy because I didn’t know how to do something then go f*** yourself.

    Anyways, I’m glad you can do this but this is far from convenient, you should be able to go in the Wii menu without having to change any settings or pressing down B.

    A simple click on the Wii menu button should be enough.

    Also, you liked your own comment? lol.

    • Skarnet

      Your post was crappy because of all the hyperbole, and saying something is mutually agreed, when it’s not even remotely universally agreed… But let’s drop that.

      If you have a sdtv, then everything works the way you want it to, but with the Settings set to HDMI, the console will do a check to see if your tv is connected, when going to wiimode even if it’s by holding B upon startup. Nintendo should just remove this check, as it does nothing expept for maybe the feature I mentioned with automatically asking if you want to change from non-hdmi to hdmi when starting up the U, while connected to HDMI with settings on non-hdmi.

      I agree that it is a bit irritating for some to go to settings and change to non-hdmi, if they normally use the console with a hdmi tv, but as someone who almost never connects his console to a tv, I just keep my settings on non-hdmi and therefore never has this problem, my console will go straight to wiimode if i hold B during startup and pressing the wiimode button in the wiiu menu will also send it to wiimode, A simple click on the Wii menu button IS enough for non-hdmi 😉

      • MadCrain

        It is mutually agreed because it is a common misconception, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be talking about it, please, Google how to get into Wii mode without a T.V and feast your eyes on all of the confused people.
        Anyway, as you said the check thing should be removed.