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Writer shares some words about the Mega Man animated series

Posted on May 29, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

The Mega Man animated series was made entirely official this past week. Some concrete details about the show were announced, and we were even given a first look at the character’s appearance. Unfortunately, the fan reception wasn’t too hot.

Joe Kelly is one of the writers involved with the new Mega Man animated series. Likely in response to the harsh reception thus far, he put up a few messages on Twitter on Thursday.

Here’s what Kelly shared:

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


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  • RmanX1000

    This guy’s right. I’m not really a MegaMan fan, only really played the Legends games so maybe i don’t have much of a say in it, but i wanna give the show a shot. Although I’m not really sure why people hate the design anyway. Looks like MegaMan to me.

  • KnightWonder

    I 100% agree. Unfortunately we live in a world where gamers will judge anything based on how it looks, instead of how it turns out. *cough* Federation Force *cough*

    • I’d use an example that was used in the past instead of one we aren’t likely to know the consensus for years. Windwaker is probably the best example of this.

      • Andrew

        I think FF still kind of works in this fashion, since it’s being harshly judged before people get their hands on it. Not that I necessarily think it’ll be great (I’ll give it a shot, since I’ve gotten fun out of titles with mixed reception before, such as SF0), but given how hated it will be at launch, people are more likely to be disappointed with how not-bad it is.

        Wind Waker does work better as an example, I will admit, given how perception can change from before and after. It’s just better in general to try and keep a cool head about these things (though I imagine there are less vocal individuals who feel the same).

    • MagcargoMan

      Federation Force’s problems go beyond outdated visuals.

  • Stuart

    You know,I criticized the redesign, maybe even here in this site, but what he said is pretty resonable. We’ve only got one single image and there is a lot of people already screaming of how much this gonna suck.

    He is right, I’m sorry, I’m gonna give this cartoon a chance. It could be good, the animation could be pretty smooth…it’s better not to judge too early on that kinda of stuff.

  • Umegames Official

    I have no problem giving it a chance, my issue is we’ve been absent of megaman for some many years, fans begging for games after having 2 canceled on us, and the 1st awakening we get is a redesign..why? It’s the same thing with sonic and sonic boom, just give the fans what they want, stop trying to appeal to “new customers” who have shown they’re not really interested.

  • nekoknight

    Still hate it. Sorry.

  • nekoknight

    Not meaning to sound rude Mr. Kelly, but bastardizing a beloved video game hero is not the same as being “creative” (you can tell I’m still upset about this).

  • Vorsun

    At least try not to make him look 100% exactly like Ben 10 in Mega Man’s armor. That’s just lazy.

  • Igor C.

    Megaman inspired by Tron, and I never thought the sentence “too much neon” would ever be used in real life, but there’s always a first time.

  • Reggie

    This talk is all too expected. I always hear this whenever companies and teams face some sort of harsh criticism. They try to “talk it out” in order to excuse themselves and try to appeal to fans, but it changes nothing and in some ways only makes it worse. I remember hearing this kind of crap when new details on Mega Man Legacy Collection came out, and it still turned out to be a poorly done and self-entitled port collection. The head man behind Digital Eclipse sounded awfully pretentious…

  • JasonBall

    I care butt% about Mega Man, but this seems pretty silly.

  • You guys are so picky. The character design is literally all we have seen. I’m sure it will look better in motion as well as with the rest of the art style

  • Kira – HylianKeyblade

    While I am not really a Megaman fan, I can say that I when the new Mickey Mouse series came out I checked it out… and figured that it wasn’t for me at all as Mickey Mouse wasn’t himself at all really and the animation was gross as in that the faces did grimaces that wasn’t really fitting Mickey Mouse at all.

    I can understand that feeling you guys probably have, but I will say as a person who have enjoyed watching Megaman/Rockman.EXE and Megaman/Rockman Star Force I am pretty sure the new show isn’t that bad.

    I can agree that the face maybe should have been done a bit better, but as long as the story hold up and the new Megaman series has a lot of depth to it I am not too worried really I think :-). (They probably have a bit of time to fix him up a bit as well and I will say that I fear that the new Mega Man series would look a lot worse).

  • 49ers fan

    sorry to say it but it looks like crap. there is no excuse to bastardizing a beloved video game hero.

  • jimmy

    Nope, still not liking it

  • Andrew

    I was more caught off guard than upset with the design. I’m just used to the classic design we saw in Smash, and used in the comics. The design itself is a bit weird, but I’ll need to see it in action before judging.

    I am kind of upset about the classic design and storylines not being used, but that’s more of a separate issue from this version. It reminds me of a cross between Star Force and NT Warrior, and I’m hoping it can become something at least decent. While I’d like to see the classic Mega Man get his due for TV (again, they have a comic series that proves that it could work, and I think the design might be easier to animate) I’ll give this a shot.

  • I’ll give it a chance. All we’ve seen is a character design, there’s no need to be outraged like most of you are.

    Hell yall moan and groan about Megaman not getting any new games, and when something comes along that may actually help bring the blue bomber back into the spotlight, you immediately hate it because he doesn’t look identical to his game look. That’s just silly.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      I agree with this. The design hasn’t grown on me yet, and it may never, but I’m not going to judge the overall product until I get more details.

      -if Roll, Proto Man, Eddie, Auto, you know, staple characters, have some kind of consistent role in the series. It might make me warm up to it, but right now, with what I have to go on, it’s leaving a bad taste in my mouth and it’s up to them to make sure it doesn’t.

    • Reggie

      I’m less bothered by his appearance and more with the premise of the series. So no, it’s not just looks. They do look very amateurish though.

      Kids are gonna watch this series and, if lucky, find interest in Mega Man, but then get confused when they get the games and find that the cartoon and games are nothing alike. It’s doubtful that this is going to appeal to kids anyway.

      • What’s the premise?

        • TheGoomba

          High school robot student by day, hero by … whenever the plot needs it.

        • Reggie

          In this, Mega Man is a kid named Aki (not Rock, don’t know why they had to change it) who discovers he has robotic super powers. He goes to school. So it’s obviously going to be yet another one of those kid shows where the hero is torn between being a hero and schoolwork. There is zero mention of Dr. Light, Wily, or any of the Robot Masters. Instead we just have a miniature robot sidekick named Mega Mini who lives inside Mega Man’s helmet. Sure maybe it still will have the doctors and Robot Masters, but the premise still hardly resembles the games.

          It makes the Ruby Spears cartoon look perfect compared to this. At least that one got the premise right while doing its own thing.

          • Well that sounds…bad?

            I mean, on the flipside though, aren’t there multiple Megamen? Could this not just be one of those other Megamen?

          • Reggie

            He’s not.

            The multiple Mega Men are different because they are set in their own timeline. Think like how there is a different Link in each Zelda game, in a chronological order. The Mega Men and their individual sub-series follows an established timeline. They make it perfectly clear that each Mega Man and the setting is distinct.

            This isn’t a new Mega Man. This is being treated as a reboot of the Classic/original series. That’s why fans are mad.

          • Oh, well then I understand why people are mad. That said, if it were me, I’d just consider the show an AU. That said I’m not a Megaman fan, so I can’t really put myself in your guys shoes, but I will say that changing his name is stupid, as AU or not, basics like that need to stay in tact.

          • Reggie

            Yeah, we’re more or less going to treat it as AU.

            But the real concern is, is this gonna reboot the game series as well and discard over 30 years worth of established worldbuilding? This is why I hate reboots.

  • Logan Wayman

    I’ll definitely check this out. I saw a couple episodes of Ben 10 myself before, so I think Man of Action has this in the bag.

  • I was planning on giving the show regardless so no worries there.

    But one problem I’ve always had with this sort of thing was, people are fans of the series for a reason we all entered in one way or another. I don’t know why you would try to change up the story to pander to an audience, Mega Man has a pretty decent audience already and even though kids might not know of him as well or be as fond of him is understandable in the sense that, there has been very little Mega Man media for them to interact with in recent years. It’s also weird right now because it’s just called “Mega Man” therefore I associate it with the NES games, why not name it something like what Capcom did with Mega Man Legends so that we know it’s it’s own thing.

    As long as they don’t go whole Poochie on this or Ruby-Spears version (dialogue wise) I’ll be fine I think.

  • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

    why is mega man so gay looking? is this the new trend to gay everything up?

    • Kaine Morrison

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    • Velen (Not WoW)

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          • Velen (Not WoW)

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    • TheGoomba

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      • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

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  • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

    is this mega man or tron?

  • Supporter

    As different as this show might look, no one can say this show is bad until they see it. I hope more people keep an open mind until the show airs whether you’re interested or not based on the revealed information. Maybe it won’t be for you, but no one’s forcing you to watch. If you were excited about this show, and this information disappointed you, I’m sorry about that. I just don’t think people should get upset or call it crap until they’ve seen a bit of the final product.

  • Coonfoot

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the show. I mean, it sounds and looks alright, but it has Man of Action in charge. They’re really only good with their own creations (Ben 10, Generator Rex) and not with the creations of others (Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man). That being said, I’m following Mr. Kelly’s advice and waiting until it airs before I really judge it.

  • Wendigo

    Yeah sorry, as soon as it was announced for 6-9 year olds I was out

  • Annie

    Not really a fan of this new design but we all disliked the redesigns in Sonic Boom and that show (unlike the game) turned out to be pretty decent