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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 concept art

Posted on January 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch

Monolith Soft updated its website with a few pieces of concept art from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Get a look at the images below.


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  • KnightWonder

    Oh…catgirl! I want, I want it so bad now!

  • Hermione Granger

    i dont like the kiddified cartoon art direction they have taken. its a huge step backward compared to the beautiful Xenoblade ChroniclesX.

    • wiki443556

      personally, I found the art style of X to be quite bland. Perhaps that’s the wrong word. I didn’t find it to be particularly anything

      • Hermione Granger

        play it on a 1080p hd tv next time, and not a old crt tv… you will see the graphics are extraordinary stunning good.

        • Roto Prime


        • Aline Piroutek

          In my old CRT TV I can’t even read the text of the game. It’s impossible to play without reading.

        • wiki443556

          I’m not sure crt tvs even work in the UK since the digital switch over. Regardless, my tv is top of the range

    • hi v3.0

      Well the characters will look really bad if it’s like the other 2 games, because Switch is underpowered 😛

  • Ser2k2
    • hi v3.0

      I know that manga/anime in the top picture..

    • Awww~. is that Blue Spring Ride~!? x’D ♥ Best!! ♥♥♥

      • hi v3.0

        I read the entire manga lol

        • It’s so good! I still need to go and read it all~.

  • Roto Prime


    • Hermione Granger

      take it easy, watch the blood pump mister…

      • Roto Prime

        I can’t HELP IT!!! Anything Xenoblade makes me lose my mind!!

        • Hermione Granger

          get a pack of those wooden clothespins clips, and put a few on your balls. that should keep you in check.

          • Roto Prime

            That sounds painful lol…..

  • Meins

    I don’t care about the cartoony/animu graphics, but those damn pants the main character is wearing, i hate them.

    • wiki443556


      • Meins

        Don’t really know, don’t mind the skinsuit with no arms or legs underneath, it’s just those pants, rrrgg.

        • TDude73

          Not my problem.

        • Hermione Granger

          its baggy rapper pants and have nothing to do in a fantasy game.

          • Meins

            It’s actually very common in japanese rpg.

          • Hermione Granger

            not these pants.

          • Meins

            I would say otherwise, but i believe i would be lying to myself =P

    • Hermione Granger

      i agree the pants looks absolutely horrible.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      Lol bruh it’s just genie pants. Plus this is XENOBLADE and if you’ve never played one before, you don’t stick the starter clothes for long.

      • Meins

        Those “genie pants” reminds me (a little) of the pants the gay dude uses in the bachelor party scene in american pie 3, in the sense that it leaves the butt part open.
        Plus i know mate, starting clothes or whatever, though i liked shulk starting armor cloth much better.

    • I am in hate-love with them. They feel so typical, JRPG to me. They still look ugly though. I think its because the whole outfit isn’t cohesive, and there’s no charm to any of it. So it just makes the pants look worse. That’s what it is for me, anyway.

  • nekoknight

    Oh good grief… not only are her buns hanging out of her pants, but you can even see her crack! Cover it up, Nintendo.

    • Samma

      Is she 18? Then she can wear whatever her merry way she wants. Besides it’s tradition in Xeno games to have swimsuits, just look at Shulk in smash to gauge how official it is.

    • hi v3.0

      Don’t worry, NoA will save your day by censoring and changing and removing content just like what they do with every JRPG on Wii U / 3DS !

      • I’m going to thank them for it this time, too.

        • ForeVision

          If you consider that you’ll probably replace the armor a few hours in, then you’ll have to excuse me, but I don’t see what the fuss is about. If you really want to complain about armor, I will happily direct you to Tera Online (which even has memes about it)

          • It’s not so much armor in-game, as that is her default design. And that is her art.

    • Annie

      Not surprised, Masatsugu Saito (the character designer) is a Hentai (erotic) doujin artist

    • Hugrazy

      *Proceeds to cover it up*


      • Tlink7

        It is always the same group of people screaming about censorship. They are a very tiny, but very vocal minority indeed >.<
        Nobody else cares that some anime woman's milk apparati aren't as visible

    • Right? Frankly, it’s kinda awkward. The outfit would be cute if the shorts weren’t so tiny. Like, who would want to go around with their shorts looking like they riding up their butt? x’D;

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Oh? Adding beast girls to Xenoblade? I’ll take some new races gladly.

  • People complained about the faces and models in the past two Xenoblade games.
    Monolith Soft decided to change the art designer for characters.
    People complains that it not the old design and don’t like the anime look.


    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      I’d say it’s the best blend between Chronicles and X.

    • hi v3.0

      I like it this way, because it can get away with lack of graphics and they can focus more on the environments etc

    • Pinkie-Dawn

      And Razorfist (no surprise) takes a jab towards people who enjoy the anime look when discussing about Xenoblade 2.

    • Tlink7

      So the replacement of something bad cannot be bad?

      ”Sir we’ve replaced your punctured tyre”
      ”…thanks… but this one doesn’t have any hubcaps…”

  • Abra

    i hope this is better then the Wii U one that one was so broke..

  • Tlink7

    Why must JRPG’s always turn anything female into sex objects

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Unless the main character is poppin’ mad stiffy’s in the game you can’t say it’s a sex object and only your eyes view it as such.

      • Tlink7

        I won’t buy it, because I like my games to be free of such childish, sexist nonsense. Either make everyone hot or don’t do it.
        Stripping somebody down to such a degree that areas most men consider arousing are (partially) revealed doesn’t make them a sex object? Right.

        • NintendoPSXTheSecond

          So she’s not allowed to be confident of her body? Are you the same person who goes around yelling sexist to women on the street who dress scantily?
          And I don’t know about you, but if you know anything about Xenoblade then you should know I played Xenoblade Chronicles with shirtless Dunban.

          • hi v3.0

            YEESSS Dunban is badass

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            Damn right he is! Forced himself to use the Monado and get’s along well with only one hand not even his primary hand.

          • hi v3.0

            Don’t forget Reyn

          • Tlink7

            Lol, nice try, but the situations aren’t at all similar. That isn’t a real woman who chose to wear little clothes because she is confident, it is a drawing by a man who purposefully drew the character scantily-clad because it arouses a certain demographic…
            Dunban’s character art isn’t revealing in the slightest, however.

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            Lol okay, I literally just proved you can “sexualize” both the males and females in Xenoblade and you shot me down saying “only the women matter”. News flash, you can change her clothes as you wish in Xenoblade.
            Stop trying to be some God damn warrior for no one. It’s just a damn video game character and frankly, you see tons of women who love these kinds of designs and outfits and actually LIKE big chested women and such.
            Stop. Trying. To. Fight. Against. No one. You’re fighting air dude.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Don’t bother man, these kinds of people are immune to reason.

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            Sadly but it seems these people truly do exist.

          • While I do agree that Xenoblade was refreshing in that some of the guys could be sexualized, really Reyn and Dunban were Mr. Fanservice. Shulk (the main, central character) didn’t get that treatment. Compare that to all of the female characters? And Riki doesn’t count; lol.

            I love Sharla’s design too, and her art is balanced by Reyn, but on average, there has been an increasing problem in Xenoblade with an emphasis on sexualizing female characters more than male ones. XCX was bad at that, to gross degrees. I adore the game, but I hate the stupid *** fetish gear of the (~villainous~) aliens, and the Wrothian women. There isn’t any fairness in that one.

            Hopefully this game balances its costumes too, and I appreciate Xenoblade’s attempt at balancing things more than other series (Tales of, Final Fantasy recently, etc), but it does have a problem.

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            This is Xenoblade. Casuals aren’t going to buy this game and be APPALLED by the outfits ya know? They can cry all they want but it’s not the primary market they’re targeting. Once again, these are fictional characters and frankly I only see people in USA that complain about this kind of nonsense. If suddenly one of the women on Nintendo Direct was demoing games in a bikini because the men told them to, that’s different and shifty. But this is just a game developed by sometimes hundreds of people. Are you trying to tell me that those hundreds of people are all coming together and saying “Yeah ya know what, let’s make her dress in nothing, that’s hot yeah! We’re poppin’ stiffy’s here!”. This isn’t like DoA or Rumble Roses.

            I fail to see that. It’s an artists interpretation, it’s an artists vision. Should we have vandalized Michaelangelo years ago for making naked men statues? What about all those naked women in Venician paintings? If you want to question the artists, fine, but it’s a falacy to say that these kinds of outfits are made DISTINCTLY as fap material and isn’t just some cool design people can be like “Wow! This is some Japanese fantasy BS!”.
            If you want to spend your time playing this game slowly vomiting in your mouth, that’s your deal, fine, you can have it that way. But to spout all this without actually having talked to the artist and got their answers, it’s silly to do so. Conjecture is what this all is and frankly, it’s beyond the term of silly to come onto a gaming site and yell about social causes and claims when people here are just trying to enjoy their new game without having to be slapped in the face and called “gross” “Fetishists” or “perverted”.

            These are different cultures and honestly NoA will most likely censor her anyways like they did Lynn in Xenoblade X. Japan can have the sense to see the difference between fictional issues and real social problems, I think it’s time we adapt to that too.

          • Oh, no, I’m not worried about casuals, or anyone else. I’m not even worried about “SJW” opinions, or whatever else people might bring up. Heck, I think XCX was more niche than XC/XB is (and it was worse, lol).

            I do see complaints from Japanese women about these kinds of things, but they tend to be in different spaces. (Because Japan’s online community works differently than Western ones, and I can only even speak for the US.)

            I don’t even think it’s the whole team. The character designer decided on that costume, and Takahashi is comfortable with it. And I will say, I also think both costumes are just tacky, so hers being sexualizaed on top of tacky just stings more, lol. It would be one thing if both costumes looked silly and she was wearing at least as much as him, but it looks worse from the back (the front together isn’t so bad). He really is designing her as the eyecandy. And I guess that’s a problem I have with cliche, generic hentai artists. They have their little stereotypical thing of, “attractive moebait girl in skimpy clothing, male generic.” I like the hentai artists that make both characters very attractive, and either very gaudy and sexy or equally “modest.” Like Kazushi Hagiwara. His women all have the typical sexy build and the guys are built like power fantasies, but everyone gets equally sexy costumes~! (And yum, is DS nude often! lol)

            I’ve been immersed in Japanese culture since my childhood, and growing up, I didn’t mind as much but as I got older and started thinking about things more and having a better eye and understanding of design (from the basics of actual design, to also how people treat their design on gendered levels), it started to stick out to me. Honestly, this even cultural. The US has this problem too. Look at our video games and comics.

            My issue isn’t that things get sexy treatment, it’s that people can only do this to impractical and uncomfortable standards, and most typically (and unfairly/unequally) on the female characters. Quiet is a good example of that. Kojima could have just admitted he wanted to make her sexy (instead of looking like a fool, lol), and gave her a costume that was skimpy but practical. She looks stupid, lol.

            Lynn I get, because she’s underage and it is noted a few times that she’s a child (a very young one). I doubt this girl is (especially if she is the Monado), so I’m not worried about the morality of it. I just wish her outfit didn’t look stupid and uncomfortable. x’D;

            At the very least, I hope we get someone like Reyn to balance her out. But at that point, his shorts better be crawling up his buttcheeks too, lol.

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            I don’t it’s that big an issue as you (And the other one above) made it out to be, but maybe this whole argument still boils down to perspective. Heck, my “ideal” chick is a stereotypical sassy punk dressed girl so I probably can’t even call myself credible but that point aside…

            American comics I can’t really agree with in being sexualized, especially with the many MANY lore breaking changes to characters like Ms. Marvel, Thor, Hawkeye and such. All their outfits play into “social” issues and because of that their outfits are now boring and not as unique as they may have once been.

            I still think it comes down to culture differences but fair enough you responded very calmly and respectable to my surprise. In the defense of this character, we don’t even know what she DOES yet. She could be super confident kind of girl to which the outfit compliments this form of confidence, though knowing Xenoblade that isn’t so likely. Regardless, I say the main male looks worse than her! His pants make no sense and for some reason he has a divers helment on his back? Like, what?

          • I do agree, it is a matter of perspective. And I think perspective and opinion are fine, especially when it comes down to preference on sexy. I don’t mind people enjoying the sexy designs or that they exist; I just wish it wouldn’t look uncomfortable for the character, or that it could at least be more equal. And NSFW warning in these links, but this is the kind of stuff I like. : 1 2 3 In the last especially, you can see how the gals are hypersexualized, especially compared to the guys. But everyone’s outfit is equally ridiculous, and the main character is pretty exposed himself. (And there’s an effort to make the outfits of the women appealing in a way that even women find attractive, which is another reason why he has such a large female fanbase in Japan and overseas.) I have my same qualm with Oda. It bothers me that he makes the women sexy and all the same mostly, but the guys can be everything. And a lot of women in Japan have had ongoing complaints (to the point that he addresses them in the SBS.) But I will give One Piece credit that at large, it also creates sexualized merch for everyone, and the women do get a better assortment of fanservice overall (not just sexy, but even cute; kinda sucks the guys don’t get that as much).

            I’m mixed. Some of the characters still were treated like crap recently; Star Fire was treated like crap in the Red Hood comic and he pretended that was under the pretense of her ~sexual agency~ (even though the original Teen Titans writers gave her a skimpy outfit and actual, sexy agency perfectly fine more than two decades ago), but now she has a better costume and is treated better. It’s mixed with Marvel, as everything is back and forth with them, but there’s still a lot of sexy out there. And I think not everything has to be sexy just because it lacks clothing. I love Wondy’s costume and don’t mind it. But it also depends on who draws it. I can’t stand artists that just give her some stupid, bombshell figure and slim her down. Cliff Chiang, though? Hot. Yes. That man draws her power, sexy and just attractive. I want her to lift me into her arms and woo me~. I love Ms Marvel’s outfit, because it makes sense for her. She’s a teen girl, and one not concerned about being sexy. But Emma Frost? Yeah! She’s a grown woman who knows how sexy she is, and flaunts it appropriately. (And looks good covered up, just as much as she does in nothing.)

            I mean. . . the front of the costume is ugly, but not sexualized. The back, though. It just looks bad. It looks uncomfortable. Can you imagine walking around with shorts so small that your buttcrack is out and the bottom is up your crack? She really shouldn’t do anything but stand there, lol. If he put a little extra on, I could get with it. I don’t mind the back out, because it looks pretty with the wings at least. But those shorts, man, lol. Her personality doesn’t even matter. It should, but in a case like this, I can’t take it seriously because I can’t take anyone seriously who would run around with such ridiculous shorts.

            The guy is ridiculous. Admittedly, I don’t completely mind the pants because they are so JRPG-y (to an extent). But I hate his design more . . . because it’s generic and a mess. Being generic is one thing. Being an overdone mess is another. I hate that he’s both. And frankly, that’s part of why I can’t stand the designs in this game already. And that. . . honestly, they just picked one of the most generic artists they could. They adapt the style well, but it’s so painfully boring, and that’s disappointing. At least Xenoblade had charm and character to the designs, and the art style. (From the linework, to the coloring and presence. His work has none of that.)

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            Well we’ll see. I think outfits aren’t as important as they are when built around said characters personality. If it blends them both nicely, well, I’ll shut up lol

            I think we might need to wait on better details as to who they ARE as a person. As it stands, their clothes are a mess but who knows, it could be in line with their character traits/disposition/personality. Surprisingly good talk!

          • Lol, well, true. We’ll see! And . . .well, I don’t know if I’d be more worried or maybe amused if their outfits are a mess to match their characters! x’);

            Indeed~. Looking forward to the game, or at least more details for future talk. ^u^

          • Tlink7

            Again, I don’t think it is a big issue, it is just a personal preference. You like maple syrup, I like steamtrains.

            I am sorry if you felt like I was attacking you personally, because that is definitely not the case. I’m sure you’re a nice guy.

          • Tlink7

            Oh, yeah, if something isn’t intended for a certain demographic, the contents of said something can be as horrible as possible, right? Please…
            And no, several hundreds of people do not design the characters. I doubt an AI programmer is going to quit his job because some artist in the studio he works in has an obsession with female parts.

            Man, you sure do love your false comparisons! Michelangelo’s naked statues weren’t made as pleasuring material for a specific group of people, he was just trying to recreate humans as realistically as possible. It is slightly appalling you compare his great work to this repetitive, immature filth. Michelangelo’s humans are as realistic as he could make them, no bulging muscles, no giant mammary glands. Nothing to make them erotic. Just pure humans. Which are fine.
            In JRPG’s/anime/manga females are frequently distorted for the SOLE PURPOSE of enticing male players/watchers/readers. Objectification.

            It is not conjecture in the slightest. If you cannot handle your weird views being challenged, I suggest you do not participate in discussions. I came here to express my disappointment in the character design, not to slap anyone in their face.

            Again. Anime culture =/= Japan’s culture. It is a minority WITHIN Japanese culture. The delusions…

          • Tlink7

            By all means, don’t prove me wrong, just ignore my argumentation. Truly the way to deal with things. If you can’t see or hear it, it doesn’t exist right? LALALALALA

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            I ignored your argumentation because, quite frankly, I find the “warriors” who “argue” the way you do, are truly without logic that isn’t seemingly psychologically twisted toward making things as horrible as possible, for any reason, in anyway.

            Though you’ve proven you’re not necessarily attacking people, I’ve met and seen plenty who attack the character of person arguing against them, so I assumed you were. That was my fault.

            On the subject though, I agree with NPSXtS about arguing against design choices like this as being ridiculous. Especially cause the people who argue against these design choices often attack the character of the artist, often assume the character designer is a man purely based on the fact the design is sexualized in some way.

            Remember Bayonetta and the fact she was actually designed by a woman? Many people assumed, especially the SFW and “Feminazi” crowd all assumed she was made by a man and trumpeted it from the rooftops. They were wrong, and many of them probably wanted or tried to shame the poor person for it.

            That’s why I often react that way to people who obviously hold was seems to be an SJW or extreme Feminist viewpoint.

          • Tlink7

            I find myself to be quite the logical guy, if I may be so self-aggrandising 😛 there are plenty of insane feminazis out there though, I will give you that.

            Well the fact that this gal was designed by a guy isn’t the reason why it is objectification (a black guy can still be racist against other black people), it is the way the girl is dressed.
            I am fine with Bayonetta, because that game is just complete and utter madness (and that the female designer envisioned the character as some sort of ”female power fantasy”, which borderline-dominatrix Bayonetta definitely is xD). But a lot of supposedly serious Japanese games still have women that are obviously women bouncing about. It just ruins the immersion for me; I don’t feel like the target demographic. You don’t need to slap sex appeal on something for me to be interested in it. It is basically click bait and I hate that.

            Assumptions can be quite wrong. I’m just here because I wanted to express my disappointment in the artwork. Anime games are incredibly niche, so I wouldn’t say it is a big social problem.

          • Tlink7

            I wasn’t talking about what the player can do in game, I was talking about how the characters are officially represented in the artwork by game developers, but nice strawman attempt. Male only showing slight skin, female would be better off on the beach.
            P.S., I am not fighting anything, I just dislike the childish garbage that games, especially Japanese ones, seem to want to continually boast. Feel free to like it, but don’t pretend it isn’t objectification. And no, just because there is a minority of women out there who don’t care doesn’t change what it is.

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            Sure, feel free to believe that fictional characters have any say of what happens in reality. Different cultures have different standards and as it stands, Japan isn’t ashamed of their culture or or it’s women. Hell, most women in Japan use this “objectifying nature” as a career selling point. You have no point here other than proving you’re the childish one so affected but T&A in video games.

          • Tlink7

            Do they now? I am pretty sure most people in Japan do not think it is normal to have women be so revealing at all times, otherwise it would be WAYYYY more common. Same goes for just anywhere. It is just present in the animoo culture, which not nearly the entirety of Japan is part of…

            You have no point to prove here other than the fact that your view of reality is warped. Like I said, if it really was oh so fine and dandy, why aren’t scantily-clad vixens infinitely more present in stuff like the media? Oh right, because most people look down on objectification.

            Disliking things that degrade human beings makes me childish now? What a nice guy you are. And I am not at all oh so affected by T&A in video games, I just posed a question on a FORUM (you know, a place where people discuss things). It wasn’t full of swearing, it wasn’t full of rage. It was just ten friggin’ words… and if I say something, I better be sure I can defend my statement. If this back-and-forth had been about bananas, I would have been just as passionate. If anything, you are the one who got triggered by the fact I held a mirror to your ”reality”.

            TL;DR: most pleasant cultures look down on warping human beings into sex objects. Having a female character wear extremely revealing clothes in a situation that does not ask for that (e.g. going swimming) is objectification. Fact. Contrary to the popular belief, the anime culture in Japan is a minority. Fact.
            Like it all you want, but don’t do so under the false pretense revealing outfits aren’t made to arouse sweaty anime nerds. And no, not even in the birthplace of this childish rubbish is it widely-accepted.

    • Annie

      In this case because the character designer (Masatsugu Saito) is a hentai (erotic) doujin artist

      • Tlink7

        Ahahaha, really? xD

        • Annie


          • Tlink7

            I… see. Well thanks once again, my cephalopod friend!

      • hi v3.0

        WTF LOL

    • Not all, but it is quite the pattern, especially within this last gen, more than usual.

      And people can defend the look all they want, but look at her shorts. They honestly look uncomfortable. Why can’t the female characters at least get comfortable and/or practical outfits that are sexualized? :/

      • Tlink7

        I know it isn’t all of them, but it is very present in most. It just gets annoying (and disappointing tbh, I like RPG’s), that whenever the art of some new JRPG pops up on this site, the females are so frequently just generic anime boobufestu material : /
        And indeed. But having uncomfortably tight pants allows certain people to just ‘gasm a bit more at the protruding female behind 😛

        I just want to enjoy my RPG’s without having the female characters constantly remind me of the fact that they are (monstrously) female. Or make *everyone* a gross caricature

        • Sorry if I double post, but I notice a pattern of comments not getting approved when awaiting moderation, so I’m posting again.

          It is incredibly annoying, and disappointing. It is worse to me that . . .generic is the word. It’s generic, bland, objectified fanservice. It’s not even trying to be creative anymore, or at least done in a way that would also appeal to the female audience (or guys that dislike it).

          Egh. I just don’t get that. Like, honestly, there will be adult content of her. Can’t we just have the costume be decent, and people can have the material that comes after??

          Exactly. I agree completely. I have a lot more patience and love for games that do so. It’s sad that because it’s so common, people take it as standard now too, even designers themselves.

          • Tlink7

            Haha, same goes for me. Plenty of infinitely-pending messages. I use swears when I get passionate and disqus here doesn’t like that xD

            I agree with all the things you said. Rule 34 will create these ridiculous outfits and character proportions anyway, can we just have a game where everybody kicks butt, looks awesome and doesn’t flaunt their gender in your face?

            I just want something new, something normal again. It is indeed bad because it creates a vicious cycle: certain players expect this sort of designwork, so developers increasingly give the players what they want (hint: bewbs). This turns away more and more players like me, thus causing the developers to focus more and more on those certain players.
            I am really sad to see this happening to Fire Emblem as well. Camilla and her ilk really got me thinking: do I still want to support a franchise that does this to its females? I really love Fire Emblem : /

          • ForeVision

            To each his own. I felt that it connected to Kamilla’s backstory. If anything in FE has disappointed me among females, it’s the ridiculous treatment given to Effie by Memehouse (as if gentle-giant is an incomprehensible character that could never be understood).

          • Tlink7

            Like, clothing can be explained by backstory, but enormously-oversized chesticles cannot 😛 I still do not agree with her clothes however (she IS engaging in warfare and IS a (partial) melee fighter, you oughtn’t expose yourself like that …. and the whole ”SECKSY” nature)
            But good you felt it was alright.

            I agree Effie wasn’t the best character. Which is ironic I suppose, seeing as I’m here demonising barely-clothed females and Effie is the exact opposite of that 😛

          • ForeVision

            If you really want to complain about a female in FE with your arguments above, I can only point you toward Charlotte. I’m far from adverse toward character designs like Kamilla’s but hers…. that even gave me a “It’d be nice if you didn’t….. ugh”

            That said, there’s also this: http://www.funnyjunk.com/Well+protected/funny-pictures/5621390#a07fdb_5620946

          • Tlink7

            Yeah I remember Charlotte. I used her as a meatshield (geddit huehuehue) to buy my other characters some time 😛
            I agree Charlotte was farrrrrrrr worse than Camilla.

            Those images just make me face-palm xD is it Tera? I know the MMORPG genre is also quite fond of its… women

          • ForeVision

            Yes that’s Tera, and it’s mostly the Korean MMORPG’s that do this (Blade & Soul is another good example).

            But when it comes to it, it’s a subjective thing. That said I’d like to appeal to your sense of logic in saying: That armor will be replaced by something that probably looks like actual armor anyway. https://zarnaguamore.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/xenoblade-chronicles-x-concept-wrothian-deity-armour.png?w=335&h=275

            (why the picture? Because I find it to look pretty damn cool)

          • Tlink7

            Yeah true, I’ve played an MMORPG (WoW) and you can either make your female playable character look like a pin-up poster or like an actual warrior, so I don’t complain as much about that game. If one of the main story characters in WoW looked like that Tera lady however, I would be a bit more miffed 😛 that is my issue with the artwork of the article.

            It is pretty cool armour 😀

          • ForeVision

            Then again, WoW is by a (US I think?) company and not a Korean/Asian one. Those tend to have that Tera factor a lot (Blade & Soul has actual boob sliders and physics, just fyi)

            Anyway, it’s getting old rambling about such a topic, how about we get some excitement flowing for the FE direct? even though it’ll be at 23:00 CEST 😛

          • Tlink7

            Yeah, WoW is an American game. Haha, boob sliders and physics xD

            I’ve said all I can about the topic I think yeah. So, Fire Emblem 😀 I wonder if anything other than FE Warriors will be shown? FE Warriors is built for the Switch right? So we get to see some graphics that aren’t Wii U (like BotW). I am pretty happy I can smack people as Chrom though <3
            As long as the direct ends before 00:00, I can survive 😛

          • hi v3.0

            This is a long conversation, lol

          • Tlink7

            It is xD I am not sure if it is worth getting into haha

          • Lol, right? Like, dangit Disqus. x’D;

            Exactly. I’m waiting for the day.

            Right, people expecting it even. While I have some of this I tolerate, I’m getting tired to the point of passing on stuff as well. It’s obnoxious. And worse is when some of the people expecting boobs, get mad when a guy shows even a little skin. (I remember people so offended over Gunvolt’s midriff.)

            Oh, man, Fire Emblem. It took a real hit from this. It was so different before, it’s kind of shocking how much it changed on that end.

          • Tlink7

            Goes exactly the same for me. I didn’t really bat an eye when some boobalicious lady showed up in a video game a few years ago because it didn’t happen all the time. Now it does and I can’t not notice it >.<

            That certain group of people got mad over Gunvolt's midriff? Really? It is just a tiny bit of skin and he isn't even ripped or anything…. unbelievable hypocrites.

            Yeah, it makes me very sad. I kind of dread what the next Fire Emblem is going to look like, seeing as Fates sold incredibly well. Like, the FE Warriors is going to be very waifu-heavy… I hope they just slap it all in that game and keep the next main title a bit more free of that nonsense.

  • Yolkghost

    I’m truly excited for this game – I’m just worried this one will become a waifu fest since we’ve only seen one male character and with the speculation on the red girl. Only time can tell though.

    • Yeahhhh. Same. The designs aren’t giving me hope either because it’s so generic anime (as good as the graphics look/adapt it). I hope the party is as balanced as Xenoblade’s was, in terms of gender ratio and design. (Sexy guys, sexy gals. Cute girls, cute guys.)

      • hi v3.0

        I agree on the gender ratio, it better not be 2 guys with 8 girls smh

        • ForeVision

          How about 4 guys and a car? *hint hint*

          • hi v3.0

            Well that game is all about bromance, XCX is better than that game anyways, Mechs > Cars

          • ForeVision

            100% agreed, since a mech can be a car, yet still transform into a mech and wipe whatever stopped your joy-ride from the face of the planet.

          • hi v3.0

            I’m still hoping FFXV gets ported to Switch but I don’t think that will happen ..

          • ForeVision

            I’ve heard people say FF7 remake would have a chance. Also I know the graphics are top notch, but if BotW (graphics not withstanding) is on Switch, then I don’t see any reason for FFVX to not be either.

        • Lol, right? Even if it’s a little off I don’t mind, as long as there’s a decent ratio.

      • Yolkghost

        Here’s to hoping the rest of 2017 shows off some killer party members then so everyone can be satisfied

  • hi v3.0

    Only played like 5 hours of the original on my Wii U but stopped half year ago
    Gonna restart this game next week !

  • Annie

    I’m sure the game will be great because it’s Xenoblade, developed by Monolith Soft, Mr. Takahashi is directing and they got the composers from the original back (I love ACE, they’re the best) but I don’t like the character design at all, Masatsugu Saito can draw good mechas but his character designs are really bland, the kind of generic anime character design you’d see on a ”Tales of” game, I think the first Xenoblade had the best character design (and soundtrack)

    • Oh my goodness, I agree completely! Especially on the character designs! And it’s sad in the case of Tales, because I adore Inomata’s designs, but they get adapted into such generic, anime crap. And the designs here are looking the same. The graphics kind of help, but it doesn’t stop the designs from being so bland, generic and overdone. (A sad combo.)

      I also hope there’s still more fantasy to these designs, like there was with Xenoblade. X is for more sci-fi/mecha designs on characters, not Xenoblade. ;o;

  • ShadowDragoon

    Nice artworks, really looking forward for more of this game.

  • 200 hours of my life will be invested into this game

  • YamiryuuZero

    I’m happy with the art direction they’re taking with the anime style. Xenoblade had amazing colors with that style, being one of the most beautiful titles of the Wii, but Xenoblade X looked very bland and washed off. It contrasted a lot with its predecessor, but not for a good result. While the visuals are breath taking, they are not colorful, like the original title, and that was a huge step backwards for me! I’m glad they’re going for this colorful, anime feel!

  • ForeVision

    I like the concept art, as I enjoy watching Anime so this is right up my alley. And just my 2 cents on the clothing argument, you’ll probably have them replaced by other armor anyway.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      I mean whatever is the best gear at the time is what I’ll be wearing lol
      So I’ll only be seeing these clothes for, what, the first 3 hours maybe?

      • ForeVision

        My point exactly. Unless they’d have gear that are just stats like in Tales, but I highly doubt that.

    • hi v3.0

      Same I like the anime style, very neat and clean

  • Bcardia

    …I have the feeling this game will cause the next Treehouse localization controversy.

    And regarding the new character deisgn: While it’s definitely better than the designs in XCX, I’m still not too fond of it. Looks too generic, kinda like the character design in the “Tales of…” series. Also the outfits of both male and female lead look pretty stupid.

  • DeltaPeng

    Yeah, character design could be better and less bland..

    If this game is truly and actually releases this year, I’d be mighty impressed there’s as far along as they are. Loved the original Xenoblade, and liked XCX (especially the world), though the main character/story didn’t seem as strong / interesting / unique, likely due to trying to make the player = the main character as opposed to creating a character with a set personality (and hence set reactions/feelings to other characters). I prefer the set character and stronger storylines, myself, but then I don’t tend to get immersed as easily in media.

  • Fandangle

    My only hope is that it’s uncensored.

    • Addy

      Nope. 8-4 will rip it to shreds and Nintendo being a kid friendly company will water it down for international release just they did with Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  • Annie
    • KnightWonder


  • donzaloog

    It looks interesting. I can’t wait to play it. The original Xenoblade Chronicles is one of my favourite games of all time. X was awesome too.

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