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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sold through 70% of its initial shipment in Japan

Posted on December 10, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Media Create reported debut sales for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in Japan a few days ago. From December 1 to December 3, the game sold just under 100,000 copies. We have some additional news about how the game did.

Dengeki points out how the first Xenoblade sold 71,000 units in its first week before going on to move 149,000 copies in total. Xenoblade Chronicles X, released on Wii U, had debut sales of 86,000 copies and 130,000 units total.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 just missed out on selling 100,000 copies, but it did have the series’ highest debut thus far. Dengeki also believes that more sales can be expected, especially since the RPG will be getting continued content through the Expansion Pass.

We also have one other bit of news. According to Dengeki, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sold through 70% of its initial shipment. That tells us that Nintendo shipped the appropriate amount of copies, and Switch owners were buying the game a fair amount. 

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  • KnightWonder
    • Dark Rain

      Turtles will love this news!

      • KnightWonder

        Unless Pyra has him again.

  • Dylan W

    Huh, I guess pushing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a holiday title actually worked out in Nintendo’s favor.

    • jimmy

      To be fair Nintendo almost always launch new titles for the holidays

    • GoldenTriforce

      Less holiday and more marketing/taking advantage of the switch’s appeal.
      Normally, “holiday titles” are those that A. launch before Black Friday and B. are the multi-million sellers. Will Xenoblade 2 get a holiday boost? Probably, but the sales of the game are likely due to much better marketing in general (especially in Japan, where they barely marketed X), and, in Japan specifically, the art style and portability/success of Switch probably helped a lot, even after only 9 months of the system being for sale.

    • Don Zaloog

      It was a very smart move.

  • Kenshin0011


  • Huh. I got the numbers for 1 and X flipped. That’s even better to realize.

    Good for them though. Even though it’s my least fave in the series so far and to an extent, I don’t really think it needed to be a Xenoblade game, it is nice to see the series picking up sales with each entry.

    With the holidays about to boost sales, I can see it doing just fine.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      It being your least favorite aside, how do you feel about the game itself?

      It’s also my least fav tbh. The battle system took way too long to fully get going for my liking.

      But that aside I think it’s a pretty fun game. And it does it’s main characters a lot better than the first game did imo

      • Kind of mixed? I am so torn over a lot of the design and tone choices, but there are technical and gameplay choices that boggle my mind.

        – I don’t see the point in handling the salvage system that way. It could be cute in theory (and clever?), but I’m the kind of person who can tire really fast of what is effectively a QTE (a short one, albeit) and especially where I can fail. I like the Blades and their field skills, but I just want stuff like that. Let me just collect and grab junk.

        – Why no collectopedia. . .? :’))) I mean, if they’re added later, that just begs the question of why later and not right away? (And how much later!?) I don’t get that. Why would you not have that after 1 and X did that so well?

        – A complaint from my husband is that you pick up something and probably don’t know where you got it, so you have a hard time finding certain reagents for cores. If it has to be in your inventory, then you’re kind of stuck always having to keep it and not use them.

        – Hubby says it’s tough to chain combos based on auto-attacks when the animations between them are so similar or close. It’s hard to identify in the heat of combat, yet so much hinges on being able to cancel an auto-attack. (He says it could be him, and that’s a minor nitpick.)

        – Doesn’t make sense that of the three main characters, one of them you increase traits that go into what kind of Blades you can make, but he can’t actually make/use other Blades, so it’s kind of waste in that regard?

        Tone and writing-wise, both of us share the same basic complaint. I was actually really excited at first about them going so anime, but they pretty much went the route where I’m bored or almost rolling my eyes. (Not constantly, but still.)

        And actually, I’m gonna complain about the designs too, lol. Only because, I think Saito draws decent/pretty girls, and while I find his style very generic, I can’t stand how he draws male characters. They are so horribly proportioned and awkward, and it’s lowkey distracting for me. Like, especially when we have the Torna and some of the male Blades, I just feel there is no excuse. They should have just split the art down by gender instead of main/Torna.

        • NeptuniasBeard

          Yeah, there are a bunch of little nitpicks that bug me. Like this game took a couple backsteps in QoL features. Like they don’t have the Nopon ball from X that shows you which path to take, so I end up getting lost for nearly an hour because there was a turn I happened to overlook. And the Nav system they have is pretty bad in general. Saying you have to go left or right doesn’t help much in a 3D environment full of buildings lol.

          And item drops in battle don’t automatically go to you. I actually lost a core crystal because it popped to the top of a box where I couldn’t reach because I was still fighting! >_<

          I’m still reserving judgment for the story, but it’s pretty obvious they are pairing off Rex and Pyra which is just… no. Don’t call your protagonist a kid and then pair him off with someone who looks and sounds like an adult…

          Overall, I still prefer X. But this game MIGHT end up better than the first for me.

          • Yeah, steps back in the QoL is my major gripe. Omg, lol, honestly! Like, my husband is super good with directions and getting around even in games. (When I get lost in FFXI, I give him my coordinates and he redirects me without even looking at my screen, lol.) But even he complains about how easy it is to get lost.

            Yeahhh. It would be one thing if item drops just didn’t go to you, but that you can also miss healing potions. . . I don’t know why they thought this system was a good idea? But yeah, I’ll be listening to my hubby sigh in the middle of the night because he’s in battle but he misses out on stuff.

            I am. Just. I feel like Takahashi wanted to do too much. He wanted a coming of age story, but he wants the child to be mature like an adult already, and he wants him to fall in love with someone. . . clearly not in his age range. He was invested in too many tropes and I don’t see it working right.

            Same. I’m kind of split, but I think I prefer X right now as well. I love sci-fi and it was incredibly well-done sci-fi. I almost prefer the first Xenoblade, but genuine futuristic-fantasy settings are very rare and I love and adore that, and I feel let down by 2’s too much to care for it as much? I think the world-building in 1 was also kind of subtle but also fairly strong, and I don’t feel as invested in 2 to properly explore its world-building.

            Each game has its problems, and I’m hoping the next game, whether X2 or XC3, fixes and streamlines everything from across the series.

        • darkfire998

          cancelling auto-attacks is incredibly easy. I miss around 5% or less of them. It just took too long for me to understand what cancelling was.

          I actually really like the combat (and all of the QTE), it’s not that it punishes you for failing, rather than rewarding you if you do them correctly. It certainly has more depth than most action jrpg games I played before.

          I agree on the collectopedia. My complaint is more or less the whole UI, everything is so unintuitive and you can’t view tutorials anywhere… Why? XC1 had a button for this crap. With how many mechanics are in this game it really does it worst explaining most of them.

          I don’t have problems finding stuff in the inventory, since everything has an icon that shows you what type it is.

          I am torn on Tora honestly. His main problem is how freaking long it takes to get at least Poppi’s second form and that even if you make Poppi a healer or attacker, you still have Tora’s weapon that is for tanks… Making it completely useless. They should have made him change weapons for every build.
          I would also like Tiger Tiger more if it wasn’t so hard. Normally, I wouldn’t complain, but playing this game on joy-cons is almost impossible and makes an already hard mini-game frustrating. Why do I have to take damage when I touch a wall and lose my treasures is beyond me…

          I like the story and lore, but the translation is godawful at times. I’m a beginner at japanese, but even I can understand they fcked up.
          The fanservice and funny moments are done well imo, but I have problems with scenes that are supposed to be emotional, mainly because of how bad of a character Rex is.
          End of chapter 3 is just plainly stupid and each time he screams I want to kill myself.

          The artstyle is just bi-polar. I really don’t know who thought it was okay to make characters that look like they are from different game…
          Pyra is the worst in this regard. I don’t have problems with big boobs, but why is she so unproportional?

          I really love this game… but it has some serious issues that are just stupid.

          • I think for my husband, it might be that everything on the screen is too distracting, but he says it’s probably just him as a player having to adjust.

            I think I’m just impatient? x’D I don’t mind QTEs in combat in the style that Xenoblade as a series has had them, but I don’t like the QTE for salvaging.

            Yessss. Agreed on the UI and lack of tutorials. It almost feels like cut corners or something.

            Yeah, that would have made more sense. I liked what they tried to do with the party and adding something fresh with Tora and Poppi (in contrast to everyone else), but it wasn’t well-handled overall.

            I mostly feel the same on the writing. I’m half-half on the humor and fanservice, can’t really buy the emotional stuff.

            The art style I feel rather bitter about. I was excited very early in and wanted to stay that way, but the art direction for this game is a hot mess.

            Yesss. Oh gosh, Pyra’s proportions bug me, and sometimes Zeke’s do too?? I think if they were gonna go with a hentai artist, pick someone that has a better sense of anatomy. (Or that can make sexier characters. Shoot, Kazushi Hagiwara should have been contacted.)

            Indeed. I can’t dislike it as a whole, and it has its strong points. But there were issues that just shouldn’t even have been.

          • darkfire998

            It’s really a shame though, because I’m 70 hours in and it’s so much fun.
            There are not many games that I can play for this long without losing interest or wanting to just be done with it to move on.

            The story overall is also great, but some parts are extremely stupid (as already stated, end of chapter 3 for example, though beginning of chapter 6 has an even worse moment).

            Tora’s mechanics were interesting early on but became a chore after few chapters. I’m glad that I don’t have to use him anymore, because I would have to throw my controller out of window if I had to play Tiger Tiger once more…

            I don’t think I’ve ever felt so torn over a game before. It does so many things right (at least for me), while also doing extremely stupid crap at the same time.

          • I think I agree overall. And admittedly, XC1 and X had features that sold me easily and if things were different, I may have been more torn over them too. I think XC2 is still a very solid and fun game, but it was easy to expect more and better, even if just a little.

          • darkfire998

            It probably comes to the simple fact if the things the game does well outweight the bad or stupid stuff to you.
            I’m still a relative newbie to the series (started playing XC1 few weeks ago, never played X), so my opinion of this game will probably change once I finish both. I just hope I like the others as much as this one, even with its flaws.

          • If you like sci-fi, I think you could love X. The side quests and world building were definitely amazing in it. XC1 has much more toned down writing than 2. It’s a very relaxed air overall, but some of the serious elements do get more shonen as it goes. (Not sure how far into the story you are.) I still love both a lot.

            QoL stuff in the other two is better though, I feel, so there’s a chance you’ll enjoy them more in that regard.

          • darkfire998

            I’m still at the beginning, before getting Monado Sword (I only started just before XC2 got released and postponed it until I finish it), but I like what I saw until then. The controls take a while to get used to, but other than that I like it.
            I’m not sure if I’ll like XCX, mainly because I’m not such a big fan of open world games that focus on exploration and I also heard from my friend that it has a flawed story. I really want to play it just for the soundtrack though, because Hiroyuki Sawano makes some amazing music.

          • Oh, I see. The writing I feel goes through some things. It does try to be more down to earth, but it fluctuates with how shonen trope-y it wants to be, sometimes doing itself a disservice. But overall, I think it’s well-written.

            The story is okay. It does technically have a huge cliff-hanger. It resolves the story’s “goal,” but then they leave another huge mystery. The storylines across the game are amazing though. I was impressed at how immersive they were and how well they blended together and helped the world-building and character-development. But it is a very exploration and side quest focused game, definitely. XC1 and 2 are very JRPG, and X is very WRPG in that regard.

            I am always on/off with Sawano, but it is a gorgeous OST. I hope you can enjoy the game at least~. I do think you’ll like 1 and 2 more, but hopefully X will still be fun.

        • GoldenTriforce

          -Xenoblade already has a lot of QTEs but I mean thats more of a matter of preference
          -On one hand yes, collectipeida is cool, but on the other hand, from an RP perspective, cyclopedia made absolutely no sense. Who am I giving these items to, why, and how am I getting items back. Also why I am happy their are no achievements. Achievements in an RPG are just demersive, I much prefer them being how you rank up your blades, that actually makes sense as it is giving them genuine experience.
          -I like the tone and writing but again that just opinion.

          So far I am liking 2 a lot more than X. A lot more focused with actually decent characters.

          • I liked the collectopedia in 1 because I was able to use them to boost affinity between the characters (and thus boost synthesis together), and it was nice to get extra items for filling it. (As for immersion, how does a cat garden??)

            It’s dissonant to me for a Xenoblade game. 1 and X had humor, but were much different tonally and atmosphere-wise as a whole. It’s not bad, but it feels more like a modern Tales of. I thought the character development in X was superb given how many of the characters I started off disliking.

            I think X was fine for a sci-fi, WRPG-style spin-off. But I expect different of a directly numbered, sequel entry for XC1.

            Ultimately, XC2 is Takahashi’s baby, and that’s fine. I think more than the other two, it really has its own niche. That’s fine too. Like anything else, it’s going to be some peoples cup of tea or turn them off, and I’m sure for some it’ll be the best or their fave entry in the series.

          • GoldenTriforce

            I feel like most of the X characters, beyond Elma, Lin, and Lao, were very flat, even with heart to hearts. Even if you don’t like the characters in this game, at least they are dynamic. Xenoblade is certainly different tonally, but from a purely design perspective, Xenoblade 2 is very, very similar to the first. The original has a mix of western and Japanese elements, and X builds heavily on the Western elements while 2 (as far as I have played) seems to be building heavily on the Japanese elements, but both are very similar, tonally and design wise, to the original, from what I have played.

          • Really? I loved Phog and a couple of the other scientists. I ended up liking Nagi and didn’t think I would, and I found myself relatively compelled by Murderess’s storyline. (I still thought she was a trifling, evil *** bleep, but I appreciated her more.) I actually feel like Lao is the weakest point. I think some of the NPCs had stronger storylines than him. (The alien wedding was so good, lol.) I felt for Lao, but out of everyone else’s family drama, he becomes the weak link.

            I think dynamic is a word. They have a lot of personality. I don’t think having more or less personality and expression is better or worse. I don’t feel as compelled by these characters, but that’s not bad either. I don’t feel strongly about everyone in a Tales game either, but I still like them.

            Certainly. Both XC1 and 2 are still (futuristic) fantasy settings and stories. X is X for a reason. The X itself is supposed to set it apart, and Takahashi was vocal before and after release about pursuing a more Western mold and they went for a sci-fi writer for the game. I actually would like if the main numbered games stayed fantasy and X (numbered games) stuck as sci-fi games. It’s a pretty wise choice that I think can provide more variety to the series in a lot of ways. X is a certain type of sci-fi, but an even more Japan sci-fi would also be fascinating (and they would never do it, but an afropunk sci-fi would be incredible in my eyes).

            For XC2, a lot of things are just personal preference for me. A couple of smaller things I feel are weird steps backward, but overall, it’s just a matter of taste.

  • jimmy

    If my blade has a condition to do 2 art combo finishers and it doesn’t have any art combo links, is it screwed?

  • Amethyst Gaze

    Will probably be the best selling in the series. Seems to have much better word of mouth than X did, which sort of went too many different directions during development and thus turned off a lot of people. That, and this is like the biggest story driven RPG on the Switch until other stuff comes mid 2018.

  • Don Zaloog

    Congrats. I’m enjoying this game so much.

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