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Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s 1.1.2 update appears to fix a glitches with a boss, infinite arrows

Posted on April 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

Update 2: This is something we’re less certain about, but Wolf Link is apparently “fixed” as well. We’re not entirely sure how widespread this was, but Wolf Life was sometimes summoned with full hearts; rather than the default three, even if the Cave of Trials from Twilight Princess was not played.

Update: Bumped to the top. Some reports are surfacing that the infinite arrows glitch has been fixed. In case you’re wondering, it involves the following:

Original: Last night, Nintendo brought out a third update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. All players can download version 1.1.2. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t elaborate on specifics, only stating that it implements adjustments “to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.”

So what’s included here? Initial impressions indicate that the frame rate hasn’t been improved unlike last time. However, Nintendo may have addressed a glitch with one particular boss.

GameXplain viewer Michael V claims to have encountered a rare glitch with the Master Kohga boss fight. Kohga disappeared during the fight, and Michael wasn’t able to complete the quest and reach Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Applying the update allowed him to restart the boss fight once he returned to the area.

This report does sound believable. Nintendo apparently updated Master Kohga’s AI with the update along with some save tracking, according to NWPlayer123. Code fixes are in place as well.

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  • Stephen Yap

    Strange. I just got done with Naboris not too long ago and did not encounter such a glitch…well, good fix, regardless.

  • Nate1294

    I had some issues where I felt he took WAY too long to re-appear. (Upwards of 30 seconds)

  • Donald Lugo

    The infinite arrow glitch was also patch. I really liked that one. Tried last night. Got like 10 and then they stopped appearing…

  • Blake Good

    So I can’t pick up arrows that enemies drop? What the hell, Nintendo. That was a great feature and arrow are hard to come by!

    • Kevin Campbell

      No they made it more realistic. You can still pick up their arrows but now each monster has a specific amount just like the player has a specific amount

      • jimmy

        Was that the only spot? I everyehere i went they usually just dropped like 5 each?

    • I mean you can farm them in a very inconvenient way…When they stop appearing save the game, reload the same and repeat process until they stop appearing. I know its unfortunate they patched, but oh well.

    • The Slayer of Demons99

      Blake, I actually want to help you. I’m not bullshitting when I said that.

    • Bart

      Not sure why you find arrows so hard to come by, you must use your bow a lot more than me…There’s merchants selling arrows everywhere, and also I find the runup to Zora’s domain a good place to gather arrows, enemies drop plenty of ’em there. Can only do this once in a red moon of course…

      • shani

        Yeah but that takes a lot longer and gives you less arrows. With the glitch, you can easily get 500 or even 999 arrows without having to wait that long… and without having to move around that much.
        I use arrows pretty much all the time, btw.

  • Carlos

    Guess I should farm some arrows before updating.

  • shani

    Oh no! I used the infinite arrow glitch and I really liked it. I thought they put it there intentionally like getting 99 lives in Mario. 🙁
    I had about 500 arrows and now I’m down to only 70… well maybe I have to play BotW one last time before installing the update. 😀

    Btw you don’t need Revali’s Gale for the glitch, adjusting the camera to a top-down view and then not touching the right stick is suffice.

  • Anybody try buying arrows? Works like a charm for me

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