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Zero Time Dilemma details – characters, gameplay, more

Posted on May 26, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Zero Time Dilemma is about a month away from release. With that in mind, Famitsu shares another update on the game with a four-page feature. The magazine provides some new details while recapping some previously-known information.

Head past the break for our rundown of Famitsu’s article. Note: some tidbits have details that some may consider to be spoiler territory.

Reintroduction of two non-team characters

Gab, an old male dog who lives together with the nine people in the facility. Because it can go through small airducts that humans cannot, it becomes an important existence that connects the three teams. It does so by having a tube on its necklace which can be inserted with paper, so Team C used it to send messages (which Junpei calls ‘Gab Letter’) to plan communications with other teams.

Zero, the mastermind who enacts the “Dicision Game” on the nine people. He wears a mask and processes his voice so that nobody can know his true identity. He never shows himself in person, and he watches and speaks with the nine people through monitors.

“Dicision” Game

One of the main parts in Zero Time Dilemma is the “Dicision” part, in which the player is given important selections within a time limit. Will the characters protect themselves and sacrifice other teams, or will someone sacrifice himself/herself so that someone else can be saved? Will the results from your selection be as you expected? Which are the correct ones and wrong ones? There are many parts with multiple results, so the player will need to think thoroughly while considering the effect to the story.

For example: Team D is trapped in a waste disposal room. Fi is trapped inside an incinerator, while Sigma is being held to a chair with a gun set up behind his head. The incinerator will activate unless its door is unlocked when the gun trigger is pulled within a few seconds. The gun has a 50-50 chance between shooting a blank or a live bullet.

Depending on how Diana reacts to the “Do you pull the trigger?” selection, the following outcomes will occur.

NO: Diana doesn’t pull the trigger
– Fi dies getting burned in the incinerator. However, Fi doesn’t feel any panic or resentment against Diana as they talk for the last time.

YES: Diana does pull the trigger
– 50% chance of a live bullet: Sigma instantly killed. Fi is rescued, however she becomes very enraged towards Diana for becoming a murderer.
– 50% chance of firing a blank: Nobody dies. In this best scenario, Fi, who normally doesn’t show her emotions, has an emotion overflow when Sigma is safe and alright.

Quest Part

This part introduces a scenario for Team D where they enter the Transporter Room and are tasked by Zero to solve the mystery of the transporter and activate this device from otherworldly civilization.

The scenario starts with a couple of pictured cards on player’s possession. These cards need to be placed on a blue board in specific ways. Later on there’s a hint that “There are ‘two’ ways to interpret numbers in this civilization”, and a 3D printer that prints 10-sided reels. Following this, there is a mysterious handlebar that must be attached with a number of these reels in a very specific positioning.

Some quests have exploration systems, but some others are completely focused on solving riddles, and these latter quests have a high volume of gimmicks.

Story introduction for Team C

Junpei and Akane are reunited after a long time since the events of the first game Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. The two used to be connected with strong bonds, but ever since getting assigned to Team C in this game, they always have conflicting opinions. The team leader Carlos is also often getting pressured with crucial decisions (that may affect the other two)…

Carlos: A hot-blooded manly firefighter who is brimming with a sense of justice. He has a younger sister with a terminal illness who he deeply cares for, and vows to get out of this facility to return to her.

Junpei: Akane’s childhood friend. After the incident the year before, he entered the underground community to find Akane who was missing. Currently he has a rough, wild mind.

Akane: In contrast to her neat looks, she’s actually a sharp and able person who is skilled in wiles. She leads a secret society that wishes for a peaceful future.

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