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Aksys Games

Raging Bytes physical

Aksys Games is teaming up with Kemco and Hit-Point on a physical version of Raging Bytes, the company announced today. It arrives on December 12, 2024.

Raging Bytes has been on Switch for about a year. However, Kemco only offered it as a digital download on the eShop.


7’scarlet is coming to Switch in Japan next week, and Aksys Games now announced that it’ll be seeing an English release in the west. The North American and European launch is slated for Spring 2025.

7’scarlet will launch in Japan on July 11. When we get a date for the west, we’ll let you know.

Below is an overview of the title:

Mistonia no Kibou: The Lost Delight

Aksys Games made a number of announcements during a panel at Anime Expo 2024 today, including English localization plans for Mistonia no Kibou: The Lost Delight. Those in North America and Europe can look forward to it in 2025.

Mistonia no Kibou: The Lost Delight, a Switch otome visual novel, has actually not yet released. Japan will be getting it first on July 18, 2024.

We have some information about Mistonia no Kibou: The Lost Delight via the following overview:

Utakata no Uchronia

After a previous Japanese debut, the Switch title Utakata no Uchronia is getting an English release in the west. Aksys Games is planning the localized version for 2025.

Utakata no Uchronia  was originally made by LicoBiTs. Broccoli published it in Japan this past April.

For a rundown of the game, check out the following overview:

Zero to Dance Hero

Zero to Dance Hero will be receiving a worldwide launch on Switch, Aksys Games confirmed today. It will be available this November.

If you’ve heard of Zero to Dance Hero previously, that’s because it previously landed in Japan at the end of 2023. The rhythm exercise game did get an English release last month, but only in Asia.

Learn more about the game in the following overview:

Virche Evermore - EpiC: Lycoris release date

Today, Aksys Games set a final release date for Virche Evermore – EpiC: Lycoris in the west. Fans can pick up the Switch otome visual novel on November 7, 2024.

Aksys confirmed localization plans earlier in the year. While we knew it was coming this fall, a proper date has now been provided.

Blazing Strike release date

After a lengthy wait, Blazing Strike received a release date today. Aksys Games just dated it for October 17, 2024.

Blazing Strike was announced for Switch a little over three years ago. The project ended up seeing a lengthy delay, but now appears to be wrapping up.

We have some information about it in the following overview:

Radiant Tale Fanfare trailer

Radiant Tale: Fanfare is finally reaching the west, and a new trailer is here to celebrate. Aksys published the follow up to the original Radiant Tale in North America and Europe this week.

Learn more about it in the following overview:

Tales from Toyotoki Arrival of the Witch release date

Aksys Games has provided the release date for Tales from Toyotoki: Arrival of the Witch in the west. Those in North America and Europe can pick up the title on August 22, 2024.

Tales from Toyotoki: Arrival of the Witch was previously confirmed for overseas launch this past February. Aksys said it would be bringing the game over sometime this summer.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ release date

Aksys Games has come through with the release date for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ on Switch in the west. The action RPG will be ready to go on July 25, 2024.

The Switch version of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ was confirmed for western release back in March. It features new scenarios and gameplay not included in the original PlayStation Vita version plus all additional content for the game and a revamped localization of the story.

Here’s some additional information:

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