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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on May 27, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Gladiator A.D.

– First trailer up
– There is a better trailer that HVS sent and will be up soon
– Knew about the game for awhile (around 10 months)
– Behind the back fighter
– Fighter goes transparent
– Matt thinks it’s promising but not completely sold
– Visuals look pretty good but some stiffness in animation
– Game screams for Wii MotionPlus support exclusively
– Are using Wii MotionPlus but it’s more supplemental
– Craig thinks MotionPlus should be packaged with the Wii
– Game is cool
– Ultra bloody
– Hits market that many developers are ignoring on Wii

The Grinder

– Pretty much badass
– Basically Left for Dead for Wii
– Fighting vampires, werewolves, undead
– 4 playable characters
– Online co-op with 4 players
– WiiSpeak, Wii MotionPlus support
– 65+ enemies on-screen
– Looks pretty good in screenshots
– Hoping to get footage within the next few days
– High Voltage actually taking risks
– Matt feels that the art style looks pretty good, better than The Conduit
– Employees at High Voltage excited about the game
– Matt excited about The Grinder
– Coming out at the end of 2010

– New trailers for The Conduit, Ghostbusters

No More Heroes 2

– Looks like it’ll be similar to the first one


– Tomorrow morning: Cool third-party announcement, but won’t be completely floored, Matt thinks it’s pretty awesome
– Story at 6 AM but not too important
– 4 top stories tomorrow, relate to major third-party games
– Friday: 4 top stories, again related to pretty major games
– Cool stuff for DS on both days

– GTA competitor for DS to be unveiled – Technology wise, Matt thinks it’s better in many ways than what Rockstar did on DS with Chinatown Wars
– Probably will have something on the game tomorrow – Neat open world game, go inside buildings, gunplay inside buildings

Drawn to Life 2

– First footage out

New Naruto games announced

– Ninja Destiny 2 for DS, Clash of Ninja Revolution with online play

Big reveal on Friday

– Confirmed that Craig will have it on Friday
– Already teased about it last week
– It’s number two to an existing game

Dead Space

– Craig played it
– Will be talking about it tomorrow
– Played a bit of the co-op mode

– Coverage on the hardcore games in next couple of days including Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Need for Speed, Shaun White

– Matt thinks Nintendo’s E3 conference will be, by and large, focused on Nintendo games (there will be SOME third-party games there)

– Craig’s prediction is that people will be disappointed no matter what

– Demoing Red Steel 2 over the weekend

– Craig really wants Pilotwings
– Bozon thinks Nintendo will have the best conference since E3 2004…Since it’s time…Time for developers to show off what they have
– Bozon’s gut feeling is that Zelda will be shown with MotionPlus – Thinks they have to do it, have had plenty of time

Zelda rumors

– Heard crazy rumblings last week
– 95% sure this was true at one time
– A year plus ago, Retro Studios was doing the new Zelda or doing something big with it
– For one reason or another that’s not the case anymore they don’t believe
– Not working on it anymore
– Got reliable info, there were internet rumors at one point
– This is a rumor, really good rumor, since has been debunked that they’re working on it
– They are not making that game anymore

– Matt thinks Nintendo is downplaying their conference and will have a bigger show then they’re letting on
– Bozon thinks the conference will be a split: 50 – 50 (casual and hardcore)
– Iwata, Reggie, Cammie will be on stage, probably Miyamoto as well
– Matt hoping Retro unveils their new game

– There hasn’t been another New Super Mario Bros. game for the DS even though it has sold well

Reader questions

– A little bit worried that Gladiator A.D. is using motion control for a fighting game
– Craig hopes that a new Star Fox will be unveiled at E3
– Think that Bethesda will announce their new game at E3
– Positive vibe from third-parties for the Wii going into E3
– Bozon would love if Metroid went back to 2D
– Rumblings that games are coming to WiiWare that maybe you wouldn’t think would be for WiiWare
– Don’t know of any developers using MotionPlus in WiiWare titles
– The Nintendo conference will be up shortly after it happens
– IGN Nintendo team knows about 95% third-party E3 games, Nintendo probably 10% – 15% (probably Sin and Punishment 2, etc)
– Tried to call Factor 5 the other day, phoneline is disconnected
– Matt could see Ubisoft, EA picking up The Grinder – SEGA has been burned too many times

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