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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on July 27, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii


– Not much game news
– Was a lot of Avatar
– Not much was Wii-related
– Capcom brought Spyborgs and Resident Evil
– Thought the LucasArts game might have been the MotionPlus Star Wars game but it wasn’t…Maybe next year – Bozon thinks it’s coming eventually

Red Steel 2 delayed

– Not coming out this year
– Early 2010
– Makes picking Game of the Year a little easier
– Matt was really looking forward to it
– Not a whole lot of Wii choices if you’re a hardcore gamer looking for a traditional game for the rest of the year
– Maybe they’ll go back and refine MotionPlus support

Wii Sports Resort

– Craig doesn’t think people will buy the Wii for the game
– It still will sell a lot of games
– If Bozon was a new system owner, he wouldn’t care at all what Wii Sports Resort was since he already was going to buy the system to get Wii Sports…It’s the game people have been talking about for three years
– Wii owners won’t buy Wii Sports Resort on day one, will just buy it whenever
– Probably won’t sell like Wii Play
– Nintendo hides the fact that MotionPlus is in the Sports Resort box, just says in the bottom left “Wii MotionPlus inside”
– Matt wonders if it would sell more if there were an extra remote with the Wii Sports Resort package
– It’ll sell regardless but it won’t sell consoles
– Don’t be surprised by the initial numbers because this is the slow time for video games – Best time to sell is during Christmas


– Craig digs it
– He has it
– It is the real deal
– Puzzles are really cool
– Controls clunky – Control the character by tapping on the screen, but also need to tap to control objects
– AI of lead character sometimes won’t follow taps
– Controls alright, for the most part it works pretty well
– Overall some the puzzles are fantastic, idea is solid
– Official release date is September 15

Lack of VC games

– No VC games the past two weeks
– They’ve been favoring WiiWare recently
– Rumor going around that Nintendo is doing this because the VC sales aren’t performing as well as WiiWare sales
– Matt doesn’t believe the rumor since he doesn’t think NOA would say anything like that but he’ll eat a broom if it’s true
– Still don’t really have a good way of telling people what’s new, what’s out, etc.
– Games have huge dropoff after awhile since they are taken away from the Wii Shop Channel main page
– Situation even worse on the DSi, need to shop by how much the game costs
– Not a lot of efforts going into DSiWare either…Hudson released a 200 point Sudoku version of the 500 point version

Nyx Quest

– It’s a terrible name
– Very good WiiWare game, worth your consideration
– Stylized graphics
– A lot of platforming
– Use Wiimote to pick up/slide/manipulate objects
– Puzzles can get really tough
– Bozon doesn’t dig the overall style and feel as much as LostWinds, still having a blast with it
– Can triple jump, glide
– One of the better WiiWare games

Night Game

– Matt played it a lot recently
– Coming along nicely
– Looks good, music is awesome
– Controls and physics system have come together
– Adding motion support to it in the future

– Cave Story coming out very soon, just about wrapped – Going into the submission process soon
– Moves at 60 FPS
– It’s like WiiWare’s Super Metroid
– Controls work well
– Nicalis has a good lineup – Also picked up La-Mulana, working on other projects

Wii sales slowing

– $250 price point still nice sweet spot for Nintendo
– Now can actually go into a store and buy it
– Need to entice the package a little more – Don’t pull out Wii Sports, maybe include Wii Sports Resort
– Craig thinks numbers might start taking off again when September/October come
– Matt thinks it’s time for at least new system colors

Metroid Prime Trilogy (in reference to the Japanese Prime versions)

– Matt has played 3-4 hours
– Very much like Corruption
– Nice to be able to go back and play with the Wii controls
– Still holds up well
– Going to make a real difference when they get the retail copy with all of the goodies
– Embargo lifts the first week of August
– Not sure if Trilogy can use Corruption file but Craig doesn’t think it will

Reader questions

– There’s not much to the Wii update 4.1 – Fixes a bug in Wii Sports Resort involving the intro video
– MotionPlus probably drains the battery for the Wiimotes
– Professor Layton twitter account was fake
– Don’t have to worry about calibration for most games, many are already disguising the process
– No online multiplayer in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Wii
– When sales truly dip then Nintendo will scramble on the next console – Would probably allow for backward compatibility – it’s impossible to predict what Nintendo will do – There will probably be an advancement to the controller for Wii 2/Wii HD
– Article about The Conduit on examiner wasn’t written by Matt – Can’t say the game sold poorly yet but not selling like it should
– Matt would suggest upgrading to DSi if you have the original DS – If you have a DS Lite and the color is important, you should wait

– Matt going to Retro Studios in the next week or two
– Leaving August 15th for Germany – Should get a lot of good WiiWare stuff from WiiWare devs
– No keynote, old E3 demos from Nintendo at Germany – Will get regurgitated previews
– Doing something Guitar Hero related soon
– Might and Magic got terrible traffic on IGN even though it’s an amazing game

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