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A complete look at all possible control schemes in ARMS

Posted on May 23, 2017 by in News, Switch

Though we know that ARMS is a game that will heavily feature the motion control possibilities of Switch’s Joy-Con, Nintendo already revealed that there will be different control schemes with different controllers.

Nintendo Life has translated the five different control schemes that are already available at the Japanese ARMS’ website so that we can check out how it will be possible to manage without motion controls and with a Pro controller, for example.

As we can see, buttons A and B will serve as right punch and left punch, respectively, while X will be used for jumping and Y for dashing. Pressing A and B at the same time will input the grab move and R will be used for the rush attack. The left joystick will serve as the means to move, but we’ll be able to guard by pressing it, and the upper button on the left will be used to change target.

This scheme can be easily replicated with just a single Joy-Con, so two players will be able to throw punches with just a Switch.

Check out the translated images below.



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