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Airborne Kingdom “The Lost Tundra” update out now on Switch, patch notes

Posted on September 28, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Airborne Kingdom "The Lost Tundra" update

Airborne Kingdom players on Switch have access to new content today thanks to the just-released update known as “The Lost Tundra”.

The update is highlighted by a brand new biome. There are also new cosmetics, a new song from composer Paul Aubry, and more.

Below are the patch notes for the Airborne Kingdom “The Lost Tundra” update:

  • An entirely new biome, The Lost Tundra will bring chills down to your bones, and into the very structures of your kingdom! Cold temperatures freeze gears and lower efficiency. For the first time, Lift, Propulsion, and Resource buildings are no longer immune – falling out of the sky is not out of the question!
  • The new Furnace might mitigate some effects, but it’ll cost Coal, Workers, and Lift. It could very well mean a total restructure of your buildings. Will your kingdom even be recognizable after The Lost Tundra?
  • With no Food, Water, or Coal, only brave souls venture through – even a fully self-sustained kingdom will struggle anew. Will your workers boost Coal production, scavenge construction resources, or operate new buildings? Will you make Furnaces to heat Farms, or overbuild your Food production so not to worry? Will you focus on speed or efficiency? The Lost Tundra throws a wrench into your carefully planned kingdom on every level – you’ll need to make key choices on weight, speed, and infrastructure.
  • The risks of The Lost Tundra come with great rewards, too. Hidden in the snow you’ll find new cosmetics to customize your kingdom even further. Some ruins may contain yet unseen Wonders. And new metals shine with unparalleled beauty.
  • In addition, renowned composer Paul Aubry has returned to write and record a brand new song for The Lost Tundra. His ethereal style is present again in this track, though a bit more drama resonates with the dangers of the new biome!
  • The Lost Tundra biome will add itself to any existing save game, or to any new game you start – so either Load a kingdom or start over, whichever you prefer, you’ll be able to experience it!

And here’s a trailer:

The Airborne Kingdom “The Lost Tundra” update is now available to all Switch players for free.


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