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The Wandering Band

Airborne Kingdom trailer

Publisher Freedom Games and developer The Wandering Band have issued a launch trailer for Airborne Kingdom, their sky city builder. It’s out on Switch starting today.

For more on Airborne Kingdom, check out the following overview:

Airborne Kingdom gameplay

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, gameplay has come in for the city building and management game Airborne Kingdom. Nearly a half hour of footage is available.

Here’s some information about the title:

Airborne Kingdom Switch

During Gamescom 2021, Freedom Games and The Wandering Band shared a Switch release date for Airborne Kingdom. The sky city builder is now confirmed for November 9 on the system.

We have the following overview for Airborne Kingdom:

Airborne Kingdom

Freedom Games and The Wandering Band announced today that Airborne Kingdom, a sky city builder, is in the works for Switch. A release is set for 2021.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

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