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Cat Cafe Manager Harvest Stories update

Cat Cafe Manager just received its second major update, which is known as “Harvest Stories”.

Today’s update revolves around about adding more story and taking your cat cafe outside. There’s a mix of other features, balance adjustments, and fixes as well.

The full patch notes for the Cat Cafe Manager “Harvest Stories” update are as follows:


LunarLux has been confirmed for Switch following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The $10,000 goal was met in just twelve hours, but the total amount has since surpassed $40,000. Having hit a stretch goal, the title will be released on Nintendo’s console in the future. Freedom Games is publishing while CosmicNobab Games is handling development.

LunarLux is said to be “a story-rich, anime-inspired adventure RPG that takes place on the moon”. Battles feature grid-based action and dodging mechanics, with the team citing Mega Man Battle Network, Undertale, and Mario & Luigi as inspirations.

Coromon update 1.1.0

A huge version 1.1.0 update has just been released for Coromon.

The update is highlighted by a new mechanic called Trait Enhancements, which lets players devolve or cancel the evolution of a Coromon to make them benefit from improved versions of their Trait. RNG has been reduced, and a number of Skills, Traits, weather effects and conditions have been revisited to slightly reduce RNG. Along with this, there’s a new “Reduced RNG mode” setting. Other additions, changes, and fixes are included as well.

Below are the full patch notes for the Coromon version 1.1.0 update:


Original (8/28): The action adventure title Terracotta will be making its way to Switch later this year, publisher Freedom Games and developer Appnormals Team have announced. A release is planned for October 20, 2022 (update – delayed, see below).

Terracotta, which is based on China’s seminal Qin dynasty, has players going on a journey to lift a curse and bring about peace. Further information can be found in the overview below. 

Mars Base

The 16-bit greenhouse farming sim Mars Base is in the works for Switch, publisher Freedom Games and developer KZ Games confirmed today. Following its initial debut for PC on October 17, we’ll be seeing it on Nintendo’s console starting December 8, 2022.

Here’s an overview of the title with more information:

Airborne Kingdom "The Lost Tundra" update

Airborne Kingdom players on Switch have access to new content today thanks to the just-released update known as “The Lost Tundra”.

The update is highlighted by a brand new biome. There are also new cosmetics, a new song from composer Paul Aubry, and more.

Below are the patch notes for the Airborne Kingdom “The Lost Tundra” update:


Publisher Freedom Games and developer Fantastico Studio have announced that Funtasia will be seeing release on Switch this month. It’ll be out on September 29, 2022.

Funtasia is a side-scrolling 2D racing game where players will need to drive as fast as possible to reach the finish line. We have more information in the overview below.

9 Years of Shadows release window

Publisher Freedom Games and developer Halberd Studios have shared a release window update for 9 Years of Shadows. The Metroidvania title will be available for PC this September, with consoles – including Switch – following in Q1 2023.

We first heard about 9 Years of Shadows for Switch back in June. A Q4 2022 release window was shared as part of that announcement.

monster tribe

Monster Tribe is heading to Switch, publisher Freedom Games and developer Boundless Games have confirmed. The project is currently targeting its debut for Q3 2022.

Monster Tribe is a monster taming game with a focus on exploration and strategy. As far as the general premise goes, we have more on that below.

Coromon gameplay

Freedom Games and TRAGsoft have brought Coromon to Switch, and if you’re interested in seeing what it’s about, you may want to check out new gameplay that has come in. 70 minutes of footage is available.

Here’s some information about the monster taming game: 

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