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Archetype Arcadia getting English release in the west on Switch

Posted on June 27, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Archetype Arcadia English west

Archetype Arcadia previously made it to Switch in Japan, but it’s now receiving an English release in the west. PQube announced plans to localize the title today.

As a reminder, Archetype Arcadia is a dark sci-fi visual novel that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Read more about it in the following overview:

Archetype Arcadia is a dark, sci-fi visual novel set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious disease called the ‘Original Sin’ has wiped out most of humanity. The story revolves around Rust and his sister, roaming empty lands and searching desperately for other humans alive. All other humans have supposedly fallen victim to the disease which causes those inflicted to suffer from insanity, sensory illusions, and uncontrollable self-destructive urges. The only way to control those symptoms is by spending time inside a virtual game called Archetype Arcadia.

Rust doesn’t suffer from the disease, but when his sister who does mysteriously falls unresponsive one day, he must enter the virtually immersive game and navigate this unseen world to find a fix for his sister. Within the game exists a whole new world full of people and monsters. A world in which wearing a game device allows players to utilize powerful memories and corresponding avatars to fight each other. While this virtual existence supposedly delays the disease, it also carries severe consequences.

As Rust battles his way through this strange world for a cure, he meets various people with unexpected identities and origins, makes unbreakable friendships, and undoubtedly some enemies along the way. Archetype Arcadia is a plot which unravels beautifully and shockingly, taking the player along a journey of mystery, heartbreak, friendship and salvation.

Key Features

  • A Dark Sci-Fi Story – Take on the role of a brother desperate to save his sister afflicted with a deadly disease, across eight nail-biting chapters.
  • ​​Vibrant Artwork – Step into a post-apocalyptic world brought to life with striking artwork that makes the experience truly immersive.
  • Experience the Story Through Different Lenses – See the story’s events unfold through different peoples perspectives. Piece together different parts of the bigger picture. Is our main character a reliable narrator, or can he too be mistaken?
  • Powerful Memories – Memories become powerful weapons in this Virtual World. Experience tragic and moving moments of the past in order to battle onwards.
  • Gruesome Boss Battles – Bosses hold special memory cards which pave a path to Rust’s answers, but their overwhelming power may prove challenging to defeat!
  • Key Choices – There are many options to choose from, each leading to different outcomes, but beware of the Bad Endings!

We have an English trailer for Archetype Arcadia below.

The English version of Archetype Arcadia launches for Switch in the west on October 24, 2023. Access the official site here.

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