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ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition delayed to October

Posted on September 2, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition delayed

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is seeing a slight delay, according to Studio Wildcard.

When the new version was announced for Switch earlier this year, it was on track for sometime this month. Now, however, Studio Wildcard has delayed it to next month. The good news is that we have an actual, final date of October 25.

Studio Wildcard has also shared some news about ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition from PAX West, which is rounded up below.

Dinosaur Discovery is a brand new ARK experience appropriate for even the smallest of survivors, coming first to ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition on Switch. Take a journey through the epochs in this new educational experience that invites families and kids to learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures that inspired the game.

The more tactical tribes will let their Carcharodontosaurus tear through the mid-sized creatures in their enemy’s ranks, thereby building up its bloodrage to take on the largest threats.

Details on the community-chosen dino Carcharodontosaurus were announced today during the stream. It is a fearsome carnivore that gets more dangerous once it tastes blood. Carcharodontosaurus can sweep aside attackers with its tail, but it’s the other end you’ll really want to avoid. With teeth like steak knives, it sets in jaws strong enough to shred most prey. This vicious predator is coming to ARK later this year.

Those attending PAX West 2022 this weekend can visit booth #325 (4th floor) to try out Scorched Earth running on Switch for the first time and meet a real-life-sized version of HLN-A.

Source: Studio Wildcard PR

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