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ARMS producer on original prototype, most popular characters / modes, update tease, sequel interest, more

Posted on July 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

French website Jeuxvideo was recently able to speak with ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki. Plenty of topics were brought up, including the original prototype and how the team approached development, the most popular characters / modes, update plans (including an interesting tease coming with Max Brass’ patch), interest in a sequel, and more.

We’ve rounded up some of the more notable excerpts below. Note that the responses were automatically translated with Google, so some of the comments are a bit rough in spots. However, it’s mostly understandable on the whole.

On the first prototypes…

When the first prototype was developed, it was not yet decided which console it would be used for. This prototype of a fighting game seen from the back with the arms relaxing already existed before the presentation of the Switch, and it is really at the moment when we were presented the prototypes of JoyCon that we thought that it could be really nice to use this game prototype that already existed, for this new console, which would later be the Nintendo Switch.

On any features removed from the final game…

I do not have any memories in particular, but what I can tell you is that there are a lot of ideas that have been tried but have had to be withdrawn at various stages of development. At Nintendo we have a slightly different working methods than other development studios. In the latter, there is usually a project written on paper. The problem is that we can not guess whether a game will be interesting simply by looking at lines on a piece of paper. That’s why we design our prototypes keeping in mind that we must build to destroy, and vice versa. That’s why I have a hard time remembering everything that was introduced and removed in the game.

On challenges during development…

One of the problems we had had from the start was to introduce this feature of the fist that stretches and contracts in an online gaming environment. It was a real technical challenge because of the lag. A method has thus been devised which makes it possible to absorb the lag during this stretching of the arm. Thanks to this technology, it is impossible to detect latency in the game.

On the characters most selected by players…

We have all this data through online gambling, actually. The most selected characters are Min Min, first, and Kid Kobra second.

On the most selected game modes…

The trend is that players raise their level of play in the Grand Prix mode before going online.

It is not very obvious, but it is the basketball that is a little more played than the others …

On future plans for the game…

As you know, Max Brass will soon be arriving with his level and ARMS. We also plan to release several corrections at the same time that will improve the balance of the game. Obviously there will be other characters and other stages, but to know more you will have to wait a little longer.

On any new modes…

With Max Brass, we will introduce new combat rules and we have in our drawers new modes of play in the course of design. History to give you a little bonus, know that a little “something” should happen with the update of Max Brass, related to the boss and arena that appear at the end of the grand prize mode.

On plans to add more narration/lore…

You are probably referring to the background of the different characters, to their story. Indeed, we thought about how to bring content to that level. It is thought to be at stake, but we are also studying the use of other media to do so, apart from ARMS. Currently, on our Japanese Twitter, we develop this approach by posting images and written content that give clues and information about the history and life of our characters. Besides, I’d like as much as possible that everything we do on this Japanese Twitter account also happens in French.

On any plans for animated movies like the characters receive for Overwatch…

I can not yet comment on this, we are still thinking about the means and the methods to do what you say, but indeed we planned to densify the history of our characters.

On what would be the key feature of an ARMS sequel…

Already, let me say that if the game is so successful and the players ask for a sequel, I will be the happiest of men in the world! For now, the only thing I focus on is bring enough content so people can play along. However, if I have this opportunity that happens overnight, I can tell you that we will put the whole team on to have the great idea that will appeal to all.

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