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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 details and screenshots cover a trio of bosses

Posted on July 20, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Update: Bumped to the top. Inti Creates now has a post up with official English information here. It doesn’t have information on moves or stages though. We still have that below.

Inti Creates has shared another round of details about Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. The latest information pertains to three bosses: Tenjian, Desna, and Milas.

Here are screenshots of all three:

And the details:

“Frozen Sword” Tenjian

Tenjian has the ability “All Freeze”, which naturally freezes everything. He likes to speak with idioms, and he uses seven ice swords with varying shapes. Since he has excellent ingenuity, he’s considered the de facto leader of G7. Tenjian’s blades have an extremely cold temperature that is even lower than absolute zero, and any objects touching them will lose the particle flexibility and be cut in an instant.

Tenjian’s attacks:

– Eihyozan (Shadow Ice Slash)
Close-range attack with the straight sword. The slash becomes an ice wall and remains there.
– Engetsurin (Circle Moon)
Long-range attack with two moon rings. Has looping trajectories that will confuse the player.
– Toretsudan (Frozen Ardent Cut)
Unpredictable falling attack that continues with stabbing attack with double-edged sword.
– All Freeze
Tenjian’s Seventh Sense which freezes the surrounding area for an instant. Be careful of the slippery floor.
– Hyoka Setsudan (Ice Flower Cut)
Tenjian’s strongest technique. He traps the player inside an ice pillar with All Freeze, then crushes the pillar.

Tenjian’s stage: Freeze -Frozen City-

Tenjian takes over a giant hotel and engulfs an entire city with ice. Gunvolt and Copen each infiltrate the hotel in order to save the city. Despite having the same enemy, the two are also in conflict against each other, so they might inevitably clash here.

“Towering Blonde” Desna

Desna has the ability Tangle Hair, which allows her to control her shape-shifting hair. She believes in astrology, and joined Eden because of a ‘Star Oracle’. Her divinations have high accuracy, and a lot of Eden members believe in those. She is revered as an idol by some people, but she herself doesn’t have that conscience.

Desna’s attacks:

– Neo Wulf
She extends her hardened hair like a blade.
– See-Through Bang
Long-range attack where she splits her hair into multiple small drills, and launches them against Copen.
– Twist
She makes her hair gigantic and spins them to form a tornado and approaches Copen. She is invincible during Twist, so player should focus on avoiding.
– Grunge Wave
Hides some hair on the ground and then points them up.
– Entangle Blonde
Desna’s special skill. A large-scale attack where she stretches her hair all around to trap Copen. Once Copen is caught, a swarm of hair whips will assault him.

Desna’s stage: Sky Tower -Tangled-

Desna captures Sumeragi’s orbital elevator as she aims for the research data of Cyber Diva inside it. Copen goes to the Sky Tower to prevent the data from falling into Eden’s hands.

“Flowing Merman” Milas

Milas has the ability “Liquid” which controls fluids. An eccentric man who loves the sea, he supports Eden while working for the ocean preservation. He is hearty and has good character so he’s yearned by many friends, but he has no mercy towards his enemies. The Seventh Wave Liquid was originally supposed to be able to control any kind of fluid to an extent. But perhaps due to Milas’ characteristics, he can only control water and seawater well.

Milas’ attacks:
– Aqua Trident
He stabs his trident on the floor to raise a water blade from the ground.
– Harp Boomerang
He changes the harp on his waist to a boomerang and throws it.
– Splash Dash
A high-speed movement that raises a large quantity of water spray. If the player gets pushed by the spray and hits the trident, they will fall victim to the water blade.
– Vortex Slash
He launches multiple water tornadoes. When Gunvolt is trapped in one of them, a Harp Boomerang will go after him.
– Hydro Zapper
Shoots a special electrolyte at super-high pressure. Touching it will cause an overheat, so avoid it at all costs.
– Aqua Avatar
Milas’ special skill. Assaults Gunvolt with multiple water copies. Can the player distinguish between the real and copy bodies in this composite attack?

Milas’ stage: Raging Stream -Water-

Gunvolt receives a report that Eden members have entered an underground waterway. Their aim is assumed to be cutting the lifeline by capturing the water supply facility. Gunvolt tries to infiltrate the underground waterway to prevent large-scale terrorism.

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