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Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition updated, adds new content and more

Posted on April 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News, Wii U eShop

Ratalaika Games has pushed out a new update for Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition. It should be out now on both Wii U and 3DS in North America, with Europe to follow on April 20.

This will be the final patch on Wii U. Explaining the decision, Ratalaika said:

“After some deep thought we’ve decided to move on from it, the effort it required to adjust a game to it with the needed quality wasn’t matching what we were getting back from it these days. This has been a hard choice for us due to it was the first console we worked on, but we wanted to move to other adventures on Nintendo…”

Here’s a rundown as to what’s included with the update:

Boss Rush Challenge!
Finish the game on Hard Difficulty to unlock this mode, which pits you against each boss in the game back-to-back!
You earn upgrades during the run when you defeat a boss, and dying respawns you on the same boss.
You can choose to play Boss Rush on either Normal or Hard mode.
How quickly can you defeat them all?

New Playable Character: Sting!
Beat the game on Normal mode, and you will unlock Special Tactical Agent Codename: Sting!

Sting is a martial arts expert: faster, more agile, and can jump higher than the Blasting Agent. She uses powerful attacks up-close and personal to her foes, including punches, kicks, dive kicks, and mid-air spin kicks.

Note that Sting plays a LOT differently from the Blasting Agent character. Although she is much more maneuverable, she has no ranged attacks, and some of the bosses are VERY challenging to defeat as Sting.

She also cannot collect or use any upgrades (she can still earn them by collecting gold and defeating enemies, but only the Blasting Agent can use them). However, she can be useful in locating hidden upgrades to come back with the Blasting Agent to collect later on.

More languages
We’ve also added Russian, Spanish and German to the game! So you can now play in a few more languages than just English.

Minor changes
We’ve added mirror mode to the Wii U version.
We reworked part of the 3DS engine to get some more performance on it
We’ve fixed minor bugs on the game
We’ve adjusted some parts that seemed too difficult for some players
Fixed issues with enemy AI logic
Minor tweaks to some rooms and levels to fix issues

Source: Ratalaika Games PR

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