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Brawlhalla adding The Walking Dead’s Michonne, Rick Grimes, and Daryl Dixon as Epic Crossovers

Posted on October 6, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Brawlhalla - The Walking Dead

Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth today revealed that Michonne, Rick Grimes, and Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead will be appearing in the fighting game as Epic Crossovers. The event kicks off on October 14.

Below are the relevant details and screenshots:

On October 14, their arrival in Brawlhalla will kick off an in-game event that will feature a new game mode where players and their friends have to fight off endless waves of walkers for as long as they can. The in-game event will also feature a new map depicting the survivors’ prison from seasons 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead, a new podium, and a new KO effect. Michonne will be an Epic Crossover for Koji, Rick Grimes an Epic Crossover for Barraza, and Daryl Dixon an Epic Crossover for Ember.

Brawlhalla is currently available for Switch via the eShop as a free-to-play game.

Source: Ubisoft PR

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