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Build-A-Bear making Mimikyu plushie

Posted on August 24, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Build-A-Bear Mimikyu

Build-A-Bear continues to churn out new Pokemon plushies, and Mimikyu has been added to the collection. Consumers can initially grab it online with the in-store version to follow.

Mimikyu, a Ghost- and Fairy-type, hides under a cloth that resembles Pikachu. The creature first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon on 3DS.

In typical Build-A-Bear fashion, you’ll be getting more than just the plushie here. It also comes with 5-in-1 sounds along with two outfits exclusive to this bundle: a dapper hat and bow tie set and a matching cape and hat set.

Keep in mind that everything must be purchased together in a bundle. The hat and bow tie with the cape and hat set all come together.

Mimikyu follows Sprigatito, Sobble, and Growlithe that previously went live this year. Will more follow before 2023 wraps up? That would certaintly seem likely as we still have a few months to go.

The new plushie can be purchased here. You can also look for it in stores soon where you won’t be forced to purchase the extras.

If you plan on purchasing the new Mimikyu plushie from Build-A-Bear, let us know in the comments below.

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