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Castle Morihisa gains free Miko class DLC

Posted on September 24, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Castle Morihisa Miko

New DLC has arrived in Castle Morihisa in the form of the Miko class. If you own the game on Switch, you can grab it right now.

With the Miko class, you can play as Miko, the devout maiden using the energy of the moon. We have some additional information below.

The symbol of holiness blessed by the moon – the devout girl finally decides to pick up her bow and arrows and venture into Morihisa Castle alone. Will the holy maiden unveil the secrets of Morihisa Castle?

The new DLC contains 67 unique class cards and 28 powerful class talents. With the help of the moon, Miko can unleash her true power in both the full moon and dark moon phases, bringing new battle styles and strategies to the game!

Miko uses the energy of the moon and has an exclusive “Lunar Phase” system. When it’s “Full Moon” or “Dark Moon”, the special effect of her deck will be activated. Use the “Lunar Phase” system well to exterminate all the enemies standing in your way and embrace your destiny!

Thank you all so much for your huge support! We’ll keep polishing the game to present the best possible game experience. Please stay tuned!

Here’s a trailer showing the DLC in action:

All players on Switch can access the Castle Morihisa Miko class at no extra cost.

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