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Thermite Games

Far Away

Thermite Games brought Far Away to Kickstarter recently in hopes of securing translations and ports, including a version for Switch. It’s already been a success with the S$12,000 goal having been met. With a bit over two weeks ago, the attention now shifts to stretch goals that mainly involve some physical and digital goodies.

Thermite Games is publishing Far Away, but the title was originally made by Gratesca. It’s a manga-style visual novel with plenty of choices. Players will find that the game has over 500,000 words, nine storylines, sixteen alternate endings, and over 300 options to choose from.

Below is some additional information:

Castle Morihisa Miko

New DLC has arrived in Castle Morihisa in the form of the Miko class. If you own the game on Switch, you can grab it right now.

With the Miko class, you can play as Miko, the devout maiden using the energy of the moon. We have some additional information below.

Castle Morihisa gameplay

Castle Morihisa, a tactical roguelike deckbuilder, has been given a new gameplay video. The title arrived on Switch a few days ago.

For more on Castle Morihisa, read the following overview:

Castle Morihisa

Publisher Thermite Games and developer Smokingbear Studio have announced that Castle Morihisa, a tactical roguelike deckbuilder set in a dark fantasy feudal Japan, is heading to Switch. Look for it on February 5, 2022.

The premise behind the game is that Castle Morihisa falls silent following a military decree by the shogunate, though rumors suggest the castle’s lord set his sights on usurping the throne. The metsuke Yagyū Munenori then calls upon a trusted spy to investigate and report back to the shogunate.

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