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Chasm update out now (version 1.076), patch notes

Posted on April 19, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Long after the initial release on Switch back in October 2018, the action-adventure game Chasm is still getting updates. The latest one is now available on Switch and includes a number of adjustments and fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

– added safeguard for flour drops in innkeepers sidequest
– increased mana particle acceleration
– increased enemy mana and gold drop rates
– custom player map markers now pulse to differentiate from others
– Arcade: fixed consumable chest items being incorrectly added to drop blacklist
– Arcade: fixed crash if all items of a category have already been dropped by chests
– fixed unintended achievement unlocking when playing Arcade then Story mode
– fixed buying multiple potions at a time not counting towards Big Spender achievement
– fixed equipment items stacking when purchasing multiple at a time
– fixed input buffer size growing every room change
– fixed Misc category notes allowing paging for translated languages
– fixed bird hat not appearing on map
– fixed backdash and jump button buffers not being checked when landing on ground in walking state
– fixed animation pooling bug in Bestiary
– fixed flambard special move on thumbstick
– fixed throwing sword not throwing when holding down on d-pad
– fixed eyebat getting stuck in ground
– fixed secret detector beeping for elixirs already picked up
– fixed dire rat aggro when on platform above or below
– fixed executioner walking into oil
– fixed bird hat icon positions
– fixed tiling and collision errors in a few rooms
– fixed rare glitch with explosion FX

If you’re interested in Chasm, you can purchase the game on the Switch eShop.


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