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Leadman Games

Salt and Sanctuary was announced for physical release back during the summer. Originally, it was planned to be out at the end of October. The game would eventually miss that target, but has now launched today.

Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome includes the cartridge, a full manual, a double-sided poster featuring the Sodden Knight on one side and a hand-drawn world map of the island on the other, and a download code for the Salt and Sanctuary original soundtrack. Pricing is set at $29.99.

Source: Leadman Games PR

I recently fell into Chasm, an action-adventure game that borrows heavily from the exploratory Castlevania games. Many retro games have left their mark here but all the glitters is not old, and procedural generation helps Chasm build a bridge to the future. Now grab that whip, back dash to your seat, don’t drink the holy water; we’re about to find out why Chasm is deep and meaningful.

Chasm has received a listing on the European eShop, revealing the game’s release date. Bit Kit and Leadman Games are bringing the action-adventure title to Switch on October 11.

Here’s an overview from the eShop page, along with a trailer:

Pre-orders have opened for the Salt and Sanctuary – Drowned Tome Edition. You can currently reserve it at Amazon or GameStop.

Salt and Sanctuary – Drowned Tome Edition arrives on October 30. It includes the game, download code for the original soundtrack on Bandcamp, 2-sided poster, and 20-page manual.

Last week, Salt and Sanctuary saw a surprise announcement for Switch. The game is releasing digitally in just a couple of days on August 2.

Meanwhile, a physical version of Salt and Sanctuary is also in the works. Ska Studios and Leadman Games today announced that Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition will be available throughout the Americas beginning October 30 for $29.99.