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Children of Morta – full patch notes for Setting Sun Inn update

Posted on May 11, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Towards the end of last week, Children of Morta received a big Setting Sun Inn update. Players can now access a New Game Plus mode, new Family Events and Quests in the Dungeons, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about the update, check out the full patch notes below. We have a proper breakdown on everything that’s new as well as balance changes.

Added New Game Plus mode:

  • After completing the game, players can convert their completed save slot to NG+ slot in save slot menu
  • New Game Plus slots will have “+” icon and slightly different highlight effect

In the NG+ mode, players can play Children of Morta’s story from scratch. They will lose:

  • Unlocked areas and dungeons.
  • All quests progress.
  • They will keep:
  • Unlocked characters.
  • Character skill tree progress.
  • All resources
  • Ben’s workshop upgrades.
  • Book of Rea upgrades.
  • The following changes also apply:
  • Noticeable increase in the game’s difficulty.
  • Character skill points cap increased.
  • Level cap of upgrades of Ben’s workshop increased.
  • Level cap of upgrades of Book of Rea increased.

New Save Slot Menu – Save Slot menu now have slot setting button and a sub-menu for each slot with new features:

  • Convert to New Game Plus for completed saves
  • Copy/Paste save slot
  • Delete save slot

Added 20 new Cutscenes :

  • Mission update C1 (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • Mission update C2 (Dungeon: Cave 2)
  • Mission update C3 (Dungeon: Cave 3)
  • Mission Update W1 (Dungeon: Wind 1)
  • Mission Update W2 (Dungeon: Wind 2)
  • Mission Update W3 (Dungeon: Wind 3)
  • Mission Update M1 (Dungeon: Magma 1)
  • Mission Update M2 (Dungeon: Magma 2)
  • Margaret staff (Home: Wind 2)
  • Night guards (Home: Magma 2)
  • Forest- All For One (Start of Forest level)
  • Ben Curses (Home: Wind 2)
  • Mary asks (Home: Wind 3)
  • The dried well 03 (Home: Magma 2)
  • People Wrap in Web (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • At the first threshold (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • Corpse Spawn event (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • Margaret Investigation 1 (Dungeon: Cave 1)
  • Margaret Investigation 2 (Dungeon: Cave 2)
  • Margaret Investigation 3 (Dungeon: Cave 3)

Added 8 new HIEs (Home Interactive Events)

  • Dried Pond (Magma 1)
  • Lucy sees Margaret by the tree (Magma 2)
  • John and Mary talk (Magma 1)
  • Entertaining the new born child (Magma 1)
  • Kevin cares for his mother in sick bed (Wind 3)
  • Family Dinner, Eat and Pray (Cave 3)
  • Mark Studies (Cave 3)
  • Mark Comes to Know the Truth (Wind 2)

Added 26 new Home Idles:

  • Kevin swimming in pond
  • StarGazer stand on veranda
  • StarGazer stand near the pond
  • Cat in training ground
  • Cat playing in house
  • Cat on swinging tree
  • Cat on veranda
  • Margaret book reading
  • Margaret napping
  • Joey cutting wood
  • Joey barfix training
  • John piping and looking at the aquarium
  • John piping and looking at the hall painting
  • John piping on veranda
  • Mary book reading
  • Hope sleeping in front of fireplace
  • Ben fixing music box
  • Ben looking at horizon on veranda
  • Ben Napping
  • Wolf stand in training room
  • Wolf sit on the cliff
  • StarGazer with Cat
  • John and Ben talk on veranda
  • Wolf and Cat on veranda
  • Wolf and Cat on well
  • Wolf and Cat on tree of life

Added new in dungeon Family Events:

  • Family Companion Quests:
  • Wind: Rescue a family of Barahut’s people
  • Magma: Rescue the workers
  • Magma: Help the stranger

Family Quests:

  • Cave: Mary(after birth) helping refugees x3
  • Wind: Mary(after birth) helping refugees x3
  • Magma: Ben fixing robots x2
  • Magma: Ben fixing device x3

Added Side Quests Traits:

  • Wolf Cub: After completing the quest, Ryker (wolf cub) will appear before boss rooms and aid Bergson with the healing potion
  • Star Gazer: After completing star gazer quest, the Siege will appear in shop rooms and aid Bergsons with a Gemstone
  • Doll Maker: After rescuing all the automatons, They will appear at the start room of each area and aid Bergsons with a Charm

Balance Changes:

  • Lucy Rage ability range and damage buffed
  • Joey Secondary attack damage buffed
  • Players interaction with shrines and golden chests now can transition to evading to make it more responsive
  • Tree of Rea Luck upgrade nerfed
  • Tree of Rea Divine Mastery upgrade nerfed
  • Divine Performer gold bonus 2x -> 2.5x
  • Swift Shanks MoveSpeed also apply to Sheathed
  • GemStone Hungry max stack reduced from 20 to 15
  • Pulsating Orb cooldown decreased from 30 to 20
  • Totem of Defiance Pushback speed increased
  • Spiral of Doom Damage Reduce 1.5 -> 1 cooldown increased
  • Divine Shield damage reduced 1 -> 0.6 cooldown increased
  • Stone Hide duration 10 -> 8

Other changes:

  • Added the ability to reset the Corruption effect of a character with Mysterious Egg.
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes and other balance tweaks to make the game smoother.


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