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Civilization VI to add a hotseat mode on Switch, no plans for online multiplayer

Posted on July 25, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Civilization VI will be receiving a new feature on Switch with a future update. A hotseat mode will be added to the game, allowing for multiplayer on a single console with players taking turns.

One thing that we won’t be seeing is online multiplayer. Aspyr, the company that ported Civilization VI to Switch, explained why it’s not possible:

It sounds basic, until you realize that both private and public games required significant back end work.

Civ VI on desktop utilizes Steam for things like friends lists (required for private games) and server listing (required for public games). Implementing these things per unique system takes considerable effort. I’m aware the Switch has some of those systems, but it’s still requires custom implementation.

The Mac App Store version and iOS version do not have online multiplayer for similar reasons.

LAN isn’t really online multiplayer. Hosted games broadcast themselves over the network, so a server isn’t needed to list games. That’s why iOS, Mac App Store, and Switch versions have Local Network available.

2K Games did also confirm earlier this week that the Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm expansions will be made available for Civilization VI on Switch later this year.


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