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Contra: Rogue Corps update out now – Hardcore Missions, new Carnage League stages, more

Posted on December 2, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Konami has updated Contra: Rogue Corps with new content. Players can now access Hardcore Missions, a pair of new Carnage League stages, and more.

Here’s a full rundown of the update:

Added Hardcore Mission.
* Hardcore Missions are recommended for experienced players.

Appearance on the super-popular extreme reality show CON T.U.B.E. confirmed.
Clear deadly attractions and rack up likes!

What is this place?
History repeats itself. Now it’s Rogue Corps’ turn to blast its way across the battlefield where Bill, Lance, and other members of the first Contra engaged in a deadly struggle against the alien scourge.
Take the ultimate equipment and weaponry in hand, and become a legend!

・Added 2 new Carnage League stages.
New stages have been added to Basic Rules and Rage, and they will appear randomly whenever you select either one.

・Added new weapons.
・Added new B.A.Ds.
・Greatly improved the overheating parameters of main weapons.

In the update that was released on December 3rd, 2019, the overheating parameters for main weapons have been substantially improved.

This is a comparison video using Kaiser’s start-up equipment when playing on Moderate Mode.

Overheat Comparison

・Improved control responsiveness in Single Player mode.
・Increased the drop rates of Core Parts in Main Missions.
・Increased the amount of credits earned in Main Missions.
・Increased the effectiveness when throwing certain Fiends.
・Increased Mastery Level cap to 80.
・Added new Fiend.
・Added new Medals.
・Adjusted Carnage League balance.
・Fixed several issues.

SEASON PASS -The Gentleman Beetle Pack- content added

Character Skin
Beetle Gentleman

Character Skin
Harakiri T-Shirt #1

In-Game Credit

Top Gear Type 1
Angry Beast Type 2


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