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Cozy Grove update out now on Switch (version 1.6.2), patch notes

Posted on May 8, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Cozy Grove was updated to version 1.6.2 on Switch this week. It includes several player-requested features, lots of adjustments, and bug fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

– Be able to craft a specific amount of an item, not just 1 or MAX
– Add option to purchase clothing closet expansions
– Add tutorial hint for harvesting rocks to help new users avoid confusion
– Various balance adjustments to Lee Berry quests
– Nerfed master shovel quest item requirements
– Decrease crafting costs for certain epic, legendary and unique recipes
– Higher level animals will not always require high level foods
– Reduce hardwood repair costs on pickaxe from 15 to 10
– Up to 8 pets can become newly hungry each day, depending on how many total pets you possess
– Fix for dobber items coming back to you if you place them via the inventory button
– Increase sale and buy price of all shells by 5x. Mr. Kit is feeling generous!
– Gem fusion rebalance, making it easier to craft higher tier gems. Existing players who have already crafted gems at lower rates will find a gift in their inbox
– Slight nerf to the sell price of various common crafted decorations
– Quests that don’t advance the story have a small additional chance of rewarding craft recipes
– Prevent heartbroken imps from walking away after completion; prevent both imps giving rewards
– Make heartbroken imps decay after one day
– Make heartbroken imps not hide to prevent players from thinking they’re gone
– Ignore inputs on heartbroken imps without rewards so they can’t block inputs from ones with loot
– Remove cry animation from non-heartbroken imps to reduce confusion
– Reduce potential distance from landmarks for items described as “near a …”
– Chaseable imp coin reward bumped from 10 -> 100
– Adjustments to several quests that were blocking players or had various bugs
– Spirit wells despawn after a day, instead of two days
– Captain Billweather Quest 8 won’t activate until after Arjun Quest 1 is finished, to prevent frustration
– Increase food recipe drops from leaf piles by a moderate amount
– Prevent single fences from spawning at the mayor’s store
– Mayor outfit (3 clothing pieces) cost reduced significantly
– Visibly signal when dowsing rod is useable (good reason to keep it in your quick inventory!)
– Adjust random decoration recipe drops so that higher, more expensive rarities drop less frequently
– Updated relic donations to the Collection; the donations now give ash along with gems
– Unlock rare fish earlier in the campaign so people don’t get blocked
– Attention (!) icons in shops will now only appear when you don’t possess enough of the required item for a given quest
– Fix glitching in fireflies
– Reduced a handful of item crafting requirements
– Update salad art
– Several other under-the-hood changes to fix various bugs, improve balance and help performance

Cozy Grove is currently available for Switch on the eShop.

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