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Curse of the Sea Rats update out now (version 1.3.7), patch notes

Posted on June 23, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Curse of the Sea Rats update 1.3.7

Curse of the Sea Rats has issued its latest update, and version 1.3.7 is now available.

The update improves the combat system with animation cancelling, slicker controls, hit box, and attack range tweaks. Players will also find an updated map UI, pitfall deaths have been disabled, and the end game has been changed for a smoother experience.

The full patch notes for the Curse of the Sea Rats version 1.3.7 update are as follows:

Combat System

  • General improvements to the combat in order to make it more fast-paced and dynamic:
  • Attacks are now cancelable with the jump and parry actions.
  • Hurt animations have been shortened.
  • Hitboxes when sliding have been improved.

Character Control (General)

  • Rebalanced the skill tree for all four characters.
  • All the attacks’ ranges have been increased to better adjust the slashes to their hitboxes.

David Douglas

  • Run Attack’s momentum has been reduced and its speed has been increased.
  • Down Air Attack’s boost has been increased and its preparation speed has been increased.
  • Parry animation has been reduced and recovers faster.
  • Improvements to the Fireball attack.

Akane Yamakawa

  • Faster recovery after parrying.
  • Changed the hits per second of the Water Shield attack.


  • Run Attack’s momentum has been reduced and its speed has been increased.
  • Knockdown animation has been shortened.
  • Improved Dash hitbox activation.
  • Multiple tweaks to the Down Attack.

Buffalo Calf

  • Knockdown animation has been shortened.


  • Disabled death upon pitfall; now the player teleports to a connected room.
  • Added Dolores in a new room between the Flora and Long Fuse Jones boss fights (with a save point and teleport), to allow the player to purchase items and further unlock the skill tree.
  • Now the Backtrack stones can be removed by interacting with them.
  • Changed the spikes’ placement, size, and damage caused.
  • Improved Major Mallory’s tutorial with clearer visual guidance.
  • Reduced amount of enemies in Fodla’s Bog.

User Interface

  • Added map legend.
  • Added custom markers functions to the map.
  • Added map marker that shows the buried treasures’ locations.
  • Added map marker that shows the NPCs’ positions.
  • Added XP counter on the status UI.
  • Updated inventory item order.
  • Implemented defined order for the Treasure Bag’s items.
  • Added combo details in the Transmutation item description.

Bug Fixing

  • Changing the direction on the D-Pad works correctly.
  • Cutscenes don’t display graphical corruption.
  • All chest icons on the map update properly after opening them.
  • Poison status and buffs don’t persist after death.
  • Enabling or disabling the minimap saves correctly.
  • Treasure icons show properly when the meanwhile scenes end.
  • Sam doesn’t disappear when reloading.
  • Spirit drops don’t follow the player if collected while resurrecting with the resurrection ring.
  • SFX doesn’t persist after the Long Fuse Jones fight.
  • All dialogues are properly skippable.
  • Dying on a room transition doesn’t cause the game to crash.
  • Player always properly dies and respawns when falling into a water pit.
  • Bussa’s skill tree descriptions have all the correct values.
  • Correct SFX volume when collecting the XP orbs dropped when dying.
  • Quitting the telescope on the Lighthouse is more intuitive.
  • Resurrecting the Necromancer without changing to a different room works correctly.
  • Platforms appear correctly in the Necromancer boss fight.
  • Enemies don’t disappear briefly upon being hit.
  • Multiple enemies’ AI bugs have been corrected.
  • Treasure items don’t appear in the general inventory after using the shortcuts feature.
  • No need to press Join when selecting a character in single mode.
  • Addressed some localization issues.
  • Enemies’ alpha values in Tuatha de Danann Temple are now correct.
  • Improved performance on the credits scene.
  • Added missing consumable items in Robert’s stores 2 & 3.
  • All SFX change volume according to the master mixer’s value.
  • Animated slide bar added to the bosses’ HP HUD.
  • Fixed some level design issues.
  • Corrected and improved multiple environment art issues.

All players on Switch can download the Curse of the Sea Rats version 1.3.7 update now.


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