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Dragalia Lost – 3rd Anniversary celebration details, 9/28/21 current events

Posted on September 28, 2021 by in Mobile, News

The 3rd Anniversary has come to Dragalia Lost. Check out all the details surrounding the event, including login bonuses, a half-stamina campaign, and more after the break:

  • To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Dragalia Lost, we’ve released an original PC wallpaper version of this illustration! You can download it at this link.
  • Poseidon’s Trial and Zephyr’s Trial become available in Trials of the Mighty in Dragalia Lost on Sept. 28, 11 PM PT. Take on these quests with teams of specific adventurers to earn materials for unlocking mana spirals from the daily bonus.
  • The schedule for Trials of the Mighty in late September and October has been announced. Take on bosses with a team of predetermined elements and weapon types to earn rewards!
  • Events including a triple drops and half-stamina event for main campaign quests started on Sept. 26, 11 PM PT! It’s your chance to get orbs for adventurer mana spirals and certain draconic essences!
  • Anniversary packs including the Anniversary Diamantium Mega-Pack and Anniversary 5★ Dragon Voucher Pack became available for a limited time under Value Packs in the Shop on Sept. 26, 11 PM PT!
  • The 3rd Anniversary Bonus (Part One) started on Sept. 26, 11 PM PT! In addition to the 5★ dragon Mini Jupi, you can get the 5★ wyrmprint “Third Anniversary!” Don’t forget to log in every day!

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