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Dragalia Lost – 9/27/2021 current events

Posted on September 27, 2021 by in Mobile, News

With the anniversary looming, here’s what to expect currently in Dragalia Lost:

  • A daily free tenfold summon event, which allows you to perform a tenfold summon on the applicable summon showcase for free once per day, started Sept. 26, 11 PM PT. It lasts for 38 days, meaning you can summon up to 380 times!
  • A Gala Dragalia started on Sept. 26, 11 PM PT. 5-Star adventurers Gala Notte and Gala Mascula appear in the summon showcase!
  • A Platinum Showcase started on Sept. 26, 11 PM PT! A 5-Star Gala adventurer available at the start of this showcase is guaranteed to appear as the tenth summon in your tenfold summon.
  • The Agents of the Goddess facility event was added to the event compendium on Sept. 26, 11 PM PT!
  • The Dragalia Scratch-A-Thon started Sept. 26, 11 PM PT. Log in for a chance to win items and wyrmite. If you win a Scratch-A-Thon Summon, go to the summon screen for a guaranteed 5-Star!

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